How Can I Change My WiFi Password in Westnet Modem?

Hi I am trying to change WiFi password of my Westnet modem. When I open Westnet login page, it keeps telling me incorrect username and password. Please help me how can I modify Westnet modem’s password in such circumstances? Thanks!

Westnet Login -

Change My WiFi Password in Westnet Modem:

You should update password if -

  • If you are an off-net ADSL 1 user
  • If you have earlier changed broadband username/password
  • If you forgot username/password
  • Irregular issue such as Power surge during a storm

How to Change Westnet Modem Password -

Step 1 : Open your internet browser such as Google Chrome and navigate to “” web address.

Step 2 : Now, you are prompted to a login page where you have to enter default login credentials.

Username - admin

Password - admin

(If you have earlier changed login details then enter those custom login details.)

Step 3 : After entering these login credentials, hit Login and you are redirected to the Basic Settings page.

Step 4 : Next, tap on ADSL tab.

Step 5 : Now, move to Username and Password text box and enter the password or username of your choice.

Step 6 : At last, save the settings.

If you face any trouble while changing password then reverts back, I will definitely help you.

Note – There is no need to change Westnet modem password if you have -

a.Westnet NBN™ Fibre service

b.Cable or NBN™ HFC

c.On-net ADSL2+ or Naked DSL

  • 1

  • Netgear Router

How Can I Change My WiFi Password in Westnet Modem

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