How can I Connect My Wireless Linksys Router with Two Laptops?

My Linksys wireless router is connecting to Dell laptop but not accepting my new HP Laptop that I just bought. Even though I enter the coded key but there is no effect. It says my cable is unplugged. Please help me how to connect both laptops at the same time?

Connect Wireless Linksys Router To Laptops:

Hi Ronald, It sounds to me that the wireless portion of your router is creating a problem. Other than just resetting the router you should also try to upgrade the firmware of your router.

Download the latest firmware for your router. It's also possible that you are getting interference from someone's wireless.

You should change its wireless channel with a different SSID.

Try that first and if all else fails you may need to get a new wireless router, or a dedicated WAP (Wireless Access Point) and connect that to your laptops.

How can I Connect My Wireless Linksys Router with Two Laptops

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