How can I Install My Belkin Wireless G Plus Mimo Wireless Adaptor Without Install CD?

I want to install my Belkin wireless g plus mimo wireless Adaptor, but don't have the CD. I downloaded the driver from belkin site, it is called: f5d9050_v1.00.0002.exe, is the the actual driver or is it the program that installs the driver?

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Installation of your Belkin wireless G+ Mimo wireless adapter can be done without a CD as well, follow the steps below to configure manually.

1. Plug-In your Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO wireless adapter to a power source and switch it ON.

2. Connect your computer to the adaptor either via wired ethernet connection or using the wifi.

3. Open your web browser and type in your local IP address and hit Enter. You will be redirected to the login page of your web-based setup. In case you do not know your IP address, open command prompt, and type in ipconfig. all the networking details along with the IP address will get listed copy it and paste it into the address bar.

4. Login to your web-based settings page, by entering the username and password in their respective fields.

5. Once logged into the web-based settings page, navigate to Internet/WAN settings page. On the main WAN settings page, select your connection type and also make sure to check the DHCP box to obtain automatic public IP from the server. Click on Apply changes and you have successfully configured or installed your Belkin wireless G+ MIMO adaptor.

6. You can download the required drivers for the device from the official Belkin page. These drivers are free of cost and can be downloaded from time-to-time.

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Hello Megan, you can install your Belkin Wireless g plus Mimo Wireless adaptor by downloading the Belkin Connect Setup Software from the Belkin Support Site.

If you have downloaded a .exe file from Belkin's site, it is most likely the installer of the driver. To do this, you need to connect your computer first to a network with an active Internet connection or directly to the modem. I hope this will help you. Thanks.

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How can I Install My Belkin Wireless G Plus Mimo Wireless Adaptor Without Install CD?

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