How Can I Setup My Belkin N150 Router to My Netbook Without Using Any CD?

Hi, I have an HP mini 3130 and i don't have a cd drive but want to know if u can setup the router another way. I need help regarding this plz help me.

Setup Belkin N150 Router without CD:

Step : 1. Connect your Router’s Ethernet cable to your modem’s Ethernet port (on the back of your modem). This port might be labeled differently on your particular modem.

If you are adding Router for the first time, this port may be connected to your computer by an Ethernet cable. It is OK to disconnect your computer and plug the Router into the modem instead.

Step : 2. Plug the Router’s power supply into a wall outlet.

Step : 3. Put the CD into your computer. If the CD doesn’t open automatically, please browse to your CD drive and double-click on the Belkin Setup CD icon.

Step : 4. Click the Setup icon on the CD menu.

Step : 5. After a brief installation, the setup software will ask you for the network name and password from the network information card that is attached to your Router. Store the card under the base of your Router for future reference.

Step : 6. A progress screen will appear while additional software is installed. This may take a few minutes to complete. Once finished, a “Success” message will appear indicating that you are connected to the Internet via your new Belkin Router.

How Can I Setup My Belkin N150 Router to My Netbook Without Using Any CD

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