How do I Change WiFi Name and Password Arris

Hello Guys, Please let me know how do I change WiFi name and password Arris? I tried many times but unable to change WiFi name and password Arris. So can anyone have any idea?
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Changing the wifi name and password of the Arris router is not a tough job. You just need a few details like IP address and login credentials to access the web interface and manage the wifi network settings to change the wifi name and password. Once you are done, save the changes and move forward.

Changing the Wi-Fi name and password has a lot of benefits, such as enhancing security and making it easy to use. You will also have to reconnect with the wireless network after making the changes and use the changed network name and password. So in this article let's study Arris router and how to change Arris wifi name.

Arris modem is one of the best and high-speed networking devices. It has a downstream channel with 32 bit and upstream channels with 8 bit.

This modem has 4 modal:

  1. SB8200
  2. SB6190
  3. SB6183
  4. SB6141

Advantage Of Arris Modem

The following are some of the benefits of the Arris modem because of which it has become most recommendable: 

  • The device with dual-band
  • Cover a large space because of multiple routers
  • High speed
  • Provide security
  • Presence of tri-band technology                                                                                                     

There are many more benefits to it but I have provided you the main one. Now let's further study to change WiFi name and password Arris

Precautions Required Before Setup

The following are some of the points which one should remember while establishing a connection or changing the password.

  • Make sure wires are attached tightly
  • You have chosen correct name for SSID
  • Check the name of your broadcast network
  • High level of TX power
  • Language should be English
  • Enabled encryption algorithm
  • Check WPS connection

Methods to Change Wifi Password Arris

With the help of the below-given methods, you can easily change the password of the Arris modem.

Method 1:- Using A Web Browser

Below is the procedural step guide for this method.

Step 1) Go to the internet browser (you can choose anyone from opera, explorer, chrome, firefox, etc.). Now scroll towards the page top where the address bar is present. In that address bar type and then press enter using the keyboard.

Step 2) Log-in to the advanced page of the wifi modem by filling the following credentials.

  • Name of the user - cusadmin (This field should be entered in lowercase)

  • Password - type the passphrase that you will find in the white sticker that is present at the top of the wifi modem. Fill the information exactly as it is written on the modem. The reason behind this is that the password is case sensitive.

Step 3) Navigate to the “Start Wizard Quick Launch” option then from there click on manage wifi settings.

Step 4) In the field of the paraphrase enter the password for the wifi network according to you.

Note: you can also change the password of the 5GHz wifi network by just clicking the 5GHz channel.

Step 5) Click on the “Apply” option to save all the changes you have made.

Step 6) Reboot your system.

With the help of the above steps, you will successfully change WiFi name and password Arris.

Method 2:- Change Password Using Modem Webpage

Step by step guide for this method is as follows.

Step 1) Visit the web browser.

Step 2) Type in address bar.

Step 3) Hit on the enter key of the keyboard. This will bring you to the webpage of the Arris modem.

Step 4) Status for it will appear on the yellow box. Right-click on it then click on the wireless option.

Step 5) Fill the credentials like user name and password to login to the webpage.

Step 6) Hit enter on the Apply option.

Step 7) Go to security settings click on the preshared key and select the password.

Step 8) Restart your system.

Hence, changing the WiFi name and password Arris is successfully done.

Method 3:- Reset Default Password Of Arris Router

The following are some of the easy steps for this method.

Step 1) Power on your Arris router. Hold the reset button of reset at least for 30 seconds.

Step 2) While holding the reset button, unplug the router power and still hold the button for 30 seconds.

Step 3) Still holding the power button and turn on the unit of power again. Press the reset button for the last 30 seconds. The above steps will reset the default password.


In this blog, I have provided all important information related to the Arris mode and also have shared some easy methods to change wifi name and password arris router. The best part about the above-explained methods is that it can be used by novice users as well. I hope this will help you in change Arris wifi name.

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