How do I Enable UPnP on My Arris Router

I need help your help for enabling UPNP on my Arris router. I am facing a bit difficulty in doing so. So please give your crucial time give me a proper suggestion for enabling it.

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Enable UPnP on Arris Router:

For Enableing UPNP ( Universal Plug and Play) In Arris Router/Modem First we just need to access Router Page of the Router That is also known as Default Gateway.

How to know what is default Gateway of any network-

  • Open RUN (Press And Hold Windows Key Along With R)
  • In Run Type “Cmd” and hit Enter.

  • Then CMD (Command Prompt) will appear.
  • In Command Prompt Type “ ipconfig ” and hit Enter key.

  • Then You will find out Default Gateway.

Now open the web browser and type the default gateway IP address In Address bar and hit enter.

Then type the username and passward (default will be ''Username – admin” , “Password – password”)

 Note : -Basically in Arris Router/modem they have two types of setting to enable UPnP on Arris router.

1 - Advanced > Device Discovery

  • Check the Enebled button for the UPNP
  • Now Click save and restart the router.

2 . IN Wireless MENU

  • Open menu click on LAN Setup.

  • In the Lan setup check the enable upnp on Arris router opton.
  • Now Click Apply Button and Restart the Router
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