How do I Log Into My Linksys Router

I can't access Linksys wireless B router (model BEFW11S4) web-based setup page. When I browse to the default IP address,, “page not found” message displays on the screen. In fact, the hardware reset button does nothing. The setup CD is also clueless, claiming it can't find the Linksys router. I have also checked the IP address and default gateway using IP config, and both of them results nothing. Any ideas, how can I log in to Linksys router web-based setup page?

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Log into Linksys Router:

Linksys manufactures a number of network routers. Several routers are shipped together with a firmware that is Linux-based. Moreover, you can run a third party firmware on it.

Linksys routers have 4 ethernet ports. It does not have any USB port. Additionally, it has two internal physical antennas and they generally have a wireless speed of 300 mbps.

Linksys company provide routers for both the small business users and home users. For changing the settings of your router, you have to log into your Linksys router. You can also modify the configuration files of the Linksys router and update the firmware by logging into the router.

The router has an inbuilt registration page, which allows you to complete these tasks by directly connecting to the router by using an ethernet cable. For logging into the router, you are going to need both username and password.

So, These are the Simple Steps That one Needs to Follow in Order to Log into the Linksys Router:

Step 1: Connect the power wire to the Linksys router to Log into my Linksys router.

Step 2: Use an ethernet cable for connecting the Linksys router’s open port and network card of the computer.

Step 3: Open the internet browser of your choice and enter the IP address of in the address bar and then press enter. This web address will open the inbuilt administration page of your Linksys router.

Step 4: Enter the login credentials that is the username and password for getting an access to the main page of the router. In case, you have not made any changes in this information, then you can leave the section of default username blank. There are certain routers that have both the username and password set as admin.

Step 5: Now to Log into my Linksys router, click on the button of OK. You can now get an access to the setup page of the router. In case, the router has already been setup, then in that case you can directly access the settings of the router.

So, these are some of the steps that you will have to follow in order to log into my Linksys router. If you are still not able to solve your problem, then you can go to the router support page or you can get in touch with the Linksys customer team.

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These may be potential reasons responsible for login issues in Linksys router -

  1. If cable connections are not set up properly.
  2. If Linksys router is not providing you a valid IP address.
  3. If you have entered incorrect Linksys router’s IP address in the address bar.
  4. If you have used incorrect login details while login to the setup page.
  5. If there exist any kind of browser issues.
  6. If your Linksys router is defective.

Let’s have a look at the simplest way to log into Linksys router -

  • First and foremost, you have to connect your computer to the network.
  • In the next step, launch your default web browser and then type “” in the address bar. By doing this, you are redirected to Linksys router’s web-based setup page.
  • Next, in the labeled fields, you have to enter the username. If you didn’t modify username from the factory default then don’t enter anything in the same field box.
  • Now, enter the accurate password in the labeled field. If you didn’t modify your password from the factory defaults then enter “admin”. Then hit a click on Login button.

That’s all. Hope, now you will understand how you can login into Linksys router. If you have any confusion or doubt regarding above steps then comment here, I will definitely help to clear out the issue.

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