How do I Put a Password on My Belkin Router So That My Neighbours Cant Use my internet connection?

I have windows vista, and i am frustrating this issue. Plz protect my router from my neighbours. Thanks

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Today In This Post We Will Explain You How To Lock And Password Protect Your Belkin Wireless Network .

Important Facts Before You Setup Password To Belkin -

Dear Friends We Would Like To Crack This Confusion Between Router Users And Clear The Concept

  1. Router Password And Wireless Network Password Is Totally Different Things .
    While Router Password Locks and Prevent unauthorised access To Router Settings and Configuration .
    Wireless Password Makes The Wireless Internet Secured And Allow Only Users Who Know The Password .
  2. So Don’t Be Confused Lets Go and Safeguard Your Belkin router .
  3. Using A Unsecured Wireless Router Can Cause Many Problems like Other People Can Use Your Internet , Internet Slow Or Sometimes Network Can Be Compromised .
  4. Please Follow These Instruction To Secure Belkin Wireless Router-
  5. Login To Your Belkin Router Using Default IP Such As
    Type This IP Address On top Of Your Browser and Press Enter and Login .
    It May Ask router Password For Login Leave It Blank and Press Submit .
    Now At Left Hand Side Click On Wireless And Go to Security And You May See Your Security Mode Disabled .
    Please Enable Your Security Mode And Select WPA/WPA2-PERSONAL(PSK) .
    Now In Authentication Please Select WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK
    In The encryption Technique Make Sure Its Selected To Be TKIP+AES
    Now Type The Password Where Its Says And Try Making A Complex Password .
    Please Check On Obscure Psk And Apply The Changes And Its Done
    Reboot Your Router After 1 Min And Done .
  6. Good Job Now Your Have Secure Belkin Wireless Router .
  7. Give Your Password To Only People You Trust And They Can Connect With Internet .

Belkin routers play a vital role in our daily live works. Securing data is more important that would run your business. To resolve an internet connection, follow these steps that helped to connect Belkin router so that my relatives won’t connect to the internet.

1. First of all launch a web browser and then navigate it as to get access the router interface.

2. Then give a one click to submit, leave the password field as blank. Then login the web router interface. In this Belkin router as a default, it doesn’t have a new password.

3. Now choose a wireless section and then give a one click on security, at a left side of a router just only to view its security settings into a right pane.

4. After this, change a security mode box into WPA/WPA-2 Personal. (PSK) and then choose WPA-PSK+ WPA2-PSK into an Authentication box.

5. Choose TKIP+AES in the Encryption Technique box and then enter a new password into a Pre-shared key box.

6. Now give a click to apply changes button and get to apply and then to save security setting.
7. Now click to apply changes in the button and save to apply all its new security settings.

8. While to do so; click on a system settings, to the left side of a corner in a located Utilities section.
9. At last, a user needs to type a password that secures a Belkin router device into the field of type a new password. Then confirm it by entering that newly password and confirm it in a new password boxes. If a password have already exists, then enter a current password into a field.
10.Then give a click to apply settings key button, and now create a new password.

We think a Belkin user can now get a proper fix to diagnose these glitches. Read out these above steps and go through it to fix an error.

How do I Put a Password on My Belkin Router So That My Neighbours Cant Use my internet connection?

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