How do I Secure My ARRIS Router

I have a new comcast router.. ARRIS and somehow I could not connect new devices to the system. I was inputting what I had set up with the comcast installer as the SSID and the password or network key. Neither was working. I went online and research and found that it could be changed by someone. I wanted to reconfigure the network key and did so but now I'm not sure if my system is indeed protected since I limited experience. I now have to set up all of my other devices again. I also noticed that one of the wireless connections listed is my old cable box so named which was never there before since I got the new box. Can someone explain how this could be? I had to hardwire to the router just to get internet to figure this out. Has anyone else had trouble working with this new router without comcast assistance? I just want to make sure that my system is the only system listed on the wireless list and that it is indeed secure for just my use.

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To Secure Arris Router, Try These Methods That are Described Below:-

Method 1: Enable a Wireless Security Password on Arris router

  1. Firstly, launch an Internet browser session on your computer. Type the IP address of Arris router into the address bar and hit “Enter” key.
  2. Leave the username empty, and type “admin” into the password field box. Enter these values only if have never changed this criterion from its original default settings.
  3. Now, choose a security mode from the drop-down menu next to “Security Mode”. Choose a level of security from WEP, WPA Personal, and WPA2 Personal. Now type a password of your choice into the field next to “Passphrase”. Keep in mind that your password must be at least 8 characters long, and is case-sensitive.
  4. Click on the Wireless > Wireless Security. Now choose the “Manual” radio button that is next to “Configuration View.” Next, click on “Save settings”. To access Arris router, you have to enter that security password, so keep it in your mind.

Method 2: Disable the SSID Broadcast

Step 1: Launch an Internet browser and type the Arris router’s IP address into the address bar. Hit Enter button and login into Arris router home screen.

Step 2: When the home page of the setup menu displays on-screen you have to type username and password in the appropriate field boxes.

Step 3: Go to Setup menu and click on “Wireless”. Click on the “Disabled” radio button next to SSID Broadcast field.

Step 4: In last, save all changes by clicking on “Save settings.” Now other users who are present near your physical location will not have the ability to detect your router.

Now your Arris is secure from intruders and now you can also limit the number of connections. If you face any issue then call at Arris Router.

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Answer - 2

For securing Arris router, keep these points in your mind:-

Set a Strong Arris Router Admin Password

Change Arris router admin password and make it a strong one. By doing this, you can secure your Arris router. Because if you are using default password then hackers can take advantage of your network.

Upgrade Arris router's Firmware

It is also necessary to upgrade Arris router firmware because it helps to secure Arris router. Launch a web browser and enter the Arris router username and password. Select Advanced > Administration. Next, click the Firmware Update button. After that, click the Check> Yes button. If you face any problem while updating Arris router firmware then call at Arris Router Technical Support Number.

Turn on WPA2 Wireless Encryption

To secure Arris router, you should opt for WPA 2 because this encryption method provides security from wireless hacking attempts.

Set a Strong SSID and Pre-Shared Key

If you use a common network name then you may be leaving yourself open to Rainbow Table-based encryption attacks that allow hackers to crack your WEP key. So set a strong SSID & pre-shared key and secure Arris router.

Turn on Router Firewall

Arris router has a built-in firewall so use this feature for protecting your network. Make sure to test your firewall to ensure that it's working properly.

Disable Your Router's 'Admin Via Wireless' Feature

To help prevent hackers from wireless attack, disable the "Admin via Wireless" option on your Arris router.This feature will make your Arris router to accept administration via one of the ethernet port present on your machine.

If you face any trouble while applying these methods then call right away at Arris Router Technical Support Number.

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