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How do I setup a Belkin router password after a reset?

Hello, I have Belkin wireless router at home and it was regularly dropping connections from the past week. I reset the router on my ISP advise and the signals were more stable now but the problem is with the reset all my settings got wiped out to as I do not even need a password to connect to my wifi. So can anyone help me in making my Belkin router secure with a strong password and how to change it?

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Reset Belkin Router Default Password:

In this global world, people get more advanced in using Belkin routers. Such router devices are used to connect multiple devices at one local network. Thus, it arises some router technical glitches such as router upgrading issue, unable to setup a Belkin router password after reset, not updating firewall as its new version. To resolve these types of issues,

Follow below steps as described here that helps to do a setup Belkin router password after Reset. Remember if a user forgets its Belkin router password and wants to change it, then perform a hard reset in the factory default settings.

Method: 1

Step-1 Get to connect a PC device directly to a Belkin router with the help of a using LAN cable. Note if your Belkin router has an option of having a Wi-Fi capable model. It is obvious to get connected directly with a system device by using a cable.

Step-2 Now open a new web browser in a new tab, and then enter an IP address as into a web address bar field. Then hit the enter key.

Step-3 At the top of a router page, give a click to login as indicated in the right hand side of a corner. Get, try to login by using a current administrator password. Note, if you’ve login it easily then in the password field, leave it blank and then submitted it.

Step-4 In the heading of Utilities, click a Restore Factory Default that is available on the left side of a router screen for reset the Belkin router from its default administrator password. Yet that has no password it at all.

If wants to lock with a new password then don’t leave the password field as blank. Then choose as system settings instead of Restore Factory Defaults.

Step-5 In the first blank field, type your current administrator password. After that, in second or a third field, confirm it as resp.

Step-6 now scroll down and then click to apply changes or save all your new settings along a new administrator password.

Second Method

For Resetting a Belkin Router from a web Interface. This can be done only when a user remembers his/her current password, then only it can reset a Belkin device with the help of using a web interface. If you’re unable to change the default administrator password, then try to use login information.

Step-1 First of all, open your favorite web browser and enter IP address as Then hit the enter key on your keyboard. It is just to open a router’s web interface. As although a default IP address of a Belkin router as, this can be changed or removed from a web interface.

Step-2 Enter a password into a new password field or a user may leave it as blank. If you didn’t wish to change a default password, click to submit or get to login into a web interface.

Step-3 Under the Utilities Section of a Left pane, get to click as Restore Factory Defaults.

If wants to restore all settings to default values or make it remove all customization. Select the Restore Defaults button where a user can easily restore all Belkin router settings.

Hence, these above two methods will help you.

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