How to Change Arris Router IP Address

Hello Everyone, Please let me know how to Change Arris Router IP Address?. I am facing some issues while Change IP Address. I tried many times but unavailable to Change Arris Router IP Address. So can anyone have any idea?

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There are two types of IP addresses in a router: external and internal. The external IP address is assigned to the router by the ISP, and the internal IP address is fixed. The Arris Router IP address, also known as the internal LAN IP address, is a fixed default value, but it can be changed if you want to.

Some of the common internal IP addresses are 192.168. 0.1,, and 10.0.1. To change the IP address of the Arris Router, you first need to access the login page of the router with the help of default login details, explore the Arris modem settings, and make the required changes to edit the IP address. Save the changes and complete the process.

Common Internal IP Addresses for Routers are:


It is always a good idea to make the last number of your router's internal IP address a '1', as in or It is not compulsory, but most of the people do it and it makes it a little easier to remember which IP address is assigned to your router. If you are going to change Arris router IP address, this instructions shows you how.

Login to the Arris WTM652G

Before you change Arris router IP address you have to set up the Arris WTM652G LAN page and you need to login to your router. In case, you have logging before then you can skip this step.

To login to the Arris WTM652G: 

  • Go to a web browser on a device connected to the network to get started.
  • Type LAN the IP Address "" into the address box. You will have to use the same address box where you generally type website addresses. After typing the numbers with the proper punctuation, press "Enter."
  • After typing the number, the Arris login page will display. Click on the wireless option to start the cable modem.
  • Now, you want the original admin username and password to start the modem. Enter these credentials into the right boxes and press "Enter" to login. The admin control panel will show if you typed the proper information.

If the Login Fails

If the login fails, you likely entered the wrong username or password. Losing these credentials is not uncommon, especially if you have changed them in the past. In case, modem has not been personalized with unique login credentials, however you are in luck. Most of the modem models along with a default username and password.

Use the username "Admin" and for the password, try besides this "password," "1234" or leave the space blank. Also, it is worth checking the label on the bottom of your modem. Certain models print the credentials right on the mark.

Change the IP Address on a Arris WTM652G

To change Arris router IP address. Follow the given below instructions

  • If you followed the login instructions above then you must see this on your screen.
  • Once you logging into the Arris WTM652G you start on the Status page of this Router.
  • In order to change your IP Address first, tap on the tab in dark blue labeled LAN configuration after that select the LAN Settings.

Configure the LAN section of your Arris WTM652G

  • Now click the box labeled IP Address, this should be in about the middle of the page.
  • Enter your new IP Address you have chosen for your Arris Router. We would recommend the address of
  • Lastly, leave the Subnet Mask at, and leave the DHCP Server alone. Don't forget to save your changes.

Possible Problems when Changing your LAN IP Address

Once you change your LAN IP Address you are making a fundamental change to how your network functions and all the computers on your network will be affected. You will miss your Internet connection when you use these changes. Your router can restart and need a few minutes to start responding again.

Also mention that some computers may need to be restarted after you make this change before they can talk to the router or on the Internet again.

These are all possible ways to change Arris router IP address. Now, I hope you will get your answer. Thank you for reading this post.

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