How To Configure Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode

Is there anyone who knows about how to configure Airport extreme in bridge mode. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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You can configure the airport extreme in bridge mode to enhance the range of the existing network and connect with multiple devices. It has many functions, such as a wireless access point, network switch, and router. If you enable the bridge mode on the Apple airport extreme, then it acts as a transparent bridge through which the data flows seamlessly between the devices.

It also comes with several benefits, like enhanced network performance, guest network isolation, printer and hard drive sharing, and optimization of roaming. To configure the bridge mode, you can adjust the settings through the airport utility.

Why Should you Configure Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode

The Airport Extreme will not extend Network with non-Apple Routers and is of no use if it is joined to the wireless network of another Router. However one can still use the AirPort Extreme and its features with the Bridge mode. The Bridge Mode is an extremely important function that turns off the internet routing portion of the Airport, leaving other features like wifi, disk sharing, printer sharing, etc intact. 

The AirPort Extreme takes care of the advanced routing features when you enable the Bridge Mode. It will disable the routing features of the Network Added Translation(NAT) server and DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This will reconfigure the downstream Airport  Router as a Bridge and increase the strength of your Wireless Network. So the next obvious question for users is how to configure AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode.

Steps to Configure the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode

Step 1: Create a Wireless Network name and password.

Step 2: Select the AirPort Utility icon on the top of the screen and click the Wireless option.

Step 3: Click the Base Station tab and create a new name and password for the Base Station tab.

Step 4: If you want to connect a Printer or Disk to the network, click the Printer /Disk tab. You can also have a remote Time Machine by using the Printer/Disks tab.

Step 5: Now click the Update icon on the lower right-hand corner to restart the AirPort base station.

Step 6: As soon as the rebooting is done, the AirPort Extreme indicator light in the front will glow green. This indicates the steps to configure the AirPort Extreme in Bridge mode have been successful.
Step 7: You can also test your Bridge Mode by connecting to your AirPort via ethernet cable and by checking the internet connection.  You can also find out whether the shared Disk or Printer is working properly after the Bridge Mode has been enabled.

Remember the limitations when you configure the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode before you actually perform the configuration. Features like Back to my Mac might not work as it relies heavily on the AirPort Router.

Also, you cannot use the Port forwarding to play online games with the AirPort Utility for Windows option. This can be enabled through your Internet Service Provider’s Web Interface or by using the DMZ Mode of the ISP Router. 

How to Enable AirPort Extreme Guest Network in Bridge Mode

You can configure AirPort Extreme Guest Network in Bridge Mode option if you require internet access only or you want to secure your wifi network when you have guest users. There is no need to set up a Guest Network for those who require access to Printers, Drives or Disks. The Guest Network Mode can be secured with a password. 

Step 1: Open the AirPort Utility Application Window.

Step 2: Click on the Pop Up Window and select Edit.

Step 3: The Settings icon will appear.

Step 4: Select the Edit Option.

Step 5: Under the Wireless Tab click the Enable Guest Network Mode.

Step 6: Select a name and password for the Guest Network from the Security Menu.

Step 7: Now Click Update to reset the functionality.

Step 8: The AirPort Extreme Guest Network has been successfully created.


Configure the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode only when you want to enhance the range of your existing network. The AirPort Extreme has several functionalities like that of a Router, a wireless access point, and a Network switch. AirPort Extreme is easy to use and provides Dual-band wifi support for your advanced network requirements and helps in the faster data flow. 

Use the Bridge Mode only when you want to increase the range of your wifi network and connect multiple devices to the internet. The Apple Extreme Bridge Mode can work efficiently even at a congested signal speed and avoid network issues.

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