How To Easily Change The Security Type On Belkin Wireless Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to easily change the security type on Belkin wireless router. I am facing some problem in this. Help me.
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Easily Change The Security Type On Belkin Wireless Router:

Routers offer you to connect the computer, smartphone, and tablet to the home networking without connecting them through wires. You can connect almost all the devices at the same time and start browsing the internet at proper speed by making use of branded routers like Belkin or Linksys. Here we are going to discuss how to Easily Change The Security Type On Belkin Wireless Router.

These settings protect your router from being accessed by the third person. If there is no security enabled, anyone can easily connect to the home network without any password. Keeping your internet security at priority, we are now going to share some steps through which you can check the current security settings and enable security password for your router.

After setting up the password, no one can directly launch the internet on his/her laptop without your permission.

Follow the steps below to Easily Change The Security Type On Belkin Wireless Router:

  • Turn on the computer which is connected to the internet through a Belkin router. After this, tap the ‘Start’ button from the left bottom to open ‘Control panel’.
  • Go through the control panel and click on the ‘Devices’ section. Under this section, you will find the name of your router. Click on it.

  • A drop-down menu will appear, click on the ‘Update driver’ option. Wait till the downloading of the update gets finished. It will hardly take 5 minutes rest depending upon the speed.
  • Close the ‘Belkin router driver window’.
  • Go to the web browser and type the IP address for the Belkin router. It is which works on every router. Tap ‘ Log in’.

  • Don’t enter anything in the password box given on the next window. Click ‘Submit’ to save the settings as it is. Go to the top of the screen where you find a label named ‘Wireless’.
  • Check the ‘Security’ link from the center of the screen and click on it once located. Go to ‘Security mode’ and from here you can select the security method according to your choice. If you have no idea which settings to select. You can get help from the internet.
  • For your reference, we recommend you to use 128 bit WEP security type as it is considered to be the best encryption for the wireless network.
  • Tap ‘Generate’ from the bottom of the screen to generate the password. The next time when anyone tries to connect to the network, he has to enter this passphrase in the text box.

  • If you leave this field as it is, then anyone can connect directly.
  • Click ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

If you want to change the security settings, later on, you can do it easily by login to the router page through IP address. You can select WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security passphrase.

How to Find the IP Address of Belkin Router?

Your router has a private IP address for every device connected to your local network. This is how your router detects your computer and knows what data to send to it as you browse the internet.

There is a device that is connected to a Belkin router with the default IP address that can access the router console by a web browser. Open any web browser, for example, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox, and enter the Belkin default IP URL in the browser address field in this format:

This address is sometimes shown as the default gateway address because client devices trust on the router as their gateway to the internet. Computer operating systems sometimes use this term on network configuration menus.

Belkin Router Login Settings

Step 1: For any Belkin routers, the default web setup is located at, though http://router may also work for you. Because of the method in which login credentials are set up, you likely won’t have to type anything in the username and password fields when trying to access the admin panel.

Step 2: Belkin routers have no password on the admin account. So, leave the username field blank, though you may have to enter ‘admin’ instead.

Step 3: You want to change the username and password if you have a Belkin router. Just simple for anyone with access to your network to make changes in the admin panel that could open security holes or allow them to install malware and hacking software.

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