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How to Fix Printer Won’t Connect to Belkin Wireless Router?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix printer won’t connect to Belkin wireless router. My printer is not connecting to Brother router. Help me.

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Printer Won’t Connect To Belkin Wireless Router:

There are situations where your printer won’t connect to Belkin wireless router. This simple answer guides you on how to troubleshoot connection problems with your Belkin router. Here we will understand the problem first and then we will understand how to resolve your printer issues wirelessly connected using Belkin router.

One of the best wireless routers, Belkin offers a simple admin console allowing users to configure the settings easily. Belkin routers are perfectly suited for home and small scale businesses. They are user-friendly and offer you a convenient dashboard to configure network changes. When your printer won’t connect to Belkin wireless router, visit the admin console at

Beginning with the Problem Understanding-

The basic step is to understand the issues related to Belkin router that are causing hindrance in printer connectivity. There are a few small things that must be considered to find out the connectivity related issues.

  • Printer won’t connect to Belkin wireless router mostly in cases when your printer is either to old or a new one.
  • Sometimes, you might forget the Password (Network Key) for your Belkin router which is essentially required to setup a connection with the printer.
  • One thing is that you have not installed your printer properly or it might just be a printer issue.
  • Another possibility is that you might have connected your printer to wireless router but it gets disconnected after sometime.

Now after understanding occurrences of these issues, we will study how to troubleshoot printer connection issues with the router.

Tips to Follow When Printer Won’t Connect to Belkin Wireless Router:

Step 1: Restart both your computer and Belkin router device.

Step 2: Start rebooting both your devices.

Step 3: Now restart and turn ON your printer after both the devices are rebooted.

Step 4: Check whether the connectivity issue has been resolved or not.

Step 5: If the issue still exists, uninstall the printer driver application installed on your system.

Step 6: Download the latest printer driver or software from the official website.

Step 7: Install the latest driver on your system and make sure that you setup your wireless connection while setting up your printer.

Step 8: You can manually connect your printer to the wifi router. Go to the printer settings on your printer and select WLAN network under Network Settings.

Step 9: Start searching for your network.

Step 10: Select from the available networks and enter the password for your Belkin router.

Step 11: Click on the Connect button to get connected with the network. Make sure that you know the wireless network password for your router.

Step 12: Visit the default router address at and login using default password. Here, you can change the wireless password.

Step 13: Check the Firewall and Antivirus settings to ensure that they don't prevent or block the connection to your computer.

Note: You can try connecting using WPS method if compatible with your Belkin router and printer.

Step 14: Finally, if you still find the connection issues existing with the printer, simply reset your Belkin router. You can even contact the Belkin support team or Printer Manufacturer to figure out the issue correctly.

How to Login and Access Belkin Router Dashboard?

Visit the default gateway to access Belkin wireless router at This opens up the admin console where you can set up all the router configurations. You can access this IP address either on your desktop machine or smartphone.

Here you can perform different actions like you can change admin password, you can change network password, lock your Belkin router, reset Belkin password and settings using the same Belkin admin console.

Now, in order to login to your Belkin router setup page, you can open any installed internet browser on your system like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. At the top in the address bar, enter the console URL and press the Enter button to open the console.

You can even reset the network password for your Belkin router. For this you have to login to your router. Then connect your computer/laptop to the router via cable. Visit the admin console at Enter the required user name and password as username = admin and password = password. Here you can change or reset the network password for the router under Security Tab of Wireless settings section.

Hope this answer helps to deal when printer won’t connect to Belkin wireless router.

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