How to Manage the Guest Access Feature Using the Linksys Cloud Account

I am facing some issues while managing the Guest Access Feature using the Linksys cloud account. I have no idea about that. Help me.
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Manage the Guest Access Feature Using the Linksys Cloud Account:

Guest access is a feature that will allow you to create a separate network for your Guests without allowing them to access your main network and the computers connected to it. Linksys x-series gateways, Linksys smart Wi-Fi routers and Linksys Wi-Fi routers have the Guest access feature which you can manage using either the Linksys connect software or the web-based setup page on the selected models. 

Without compromising the confidentiality of your main wireless network the Guest access features give you alternative internet connectivity for your Guests and even though the guest network (SSID) is the same as the main wireless network name (SSID), followed by a -guess suffix, it is a separate network that prevents the Guest users from accessing any client or devices on the main network.

Note- The Guest access feature is unavailable on the following Linksys Wi-Fi routers models which includes

  • E800
  • E900
  • E1700
  • E2100L

Enabling the Guest Access

For setting up the Guest access using Linksys connect one must follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1: Launch Linksys connect and click on the change option under the Guest access pop-up.

Step 2: Click yes under allow Guest access option once the window opens.

Note- You will disable your Guest connection if you select no under allow Guest access.

Changing your Wi-Fi name will also change your Guest network name as the Guest network name is simply your router's Wi-Fi name that is appended with a -guest suffix.

Step 3: Click on the finish button. 

Now you have successfully enabled the Guest access using Linksys Connect.

Configuring the Guest Access

You can configure the Guest access by selecting the number of Guests allowed or by personalising its password.

1. Total Guests allowed

As the Linksys connect software allows up to 10 Guest users so you can change the number of guests that are allowed in your network but you can connect up to 50 Guests by configuring it from the web-based setup page or smart Wi-Fi routers.

2. Personalising your Guest access password

Once we enable the Guest access features, the Guest access password is automatically set and for security purposes unless you disable the Guest access feature first, the Guest access password cannot be removed.

Note- Guest computers must open a web browser first and enter the password you specified before they connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. Devices must go through the main Wi-Fi to be able to go online if they don't have a built-in web browser.

Here is the Step on How to Change the Guest Access Password

Step 1- Click Change in the Guest access settings window

Step 2- Enter your preferred password then click change to save it and make sure your password must be 4 to 32 characters only.

You can now proceed to set up a password for your main Wi-Fi for additional security and manage the Guest access features after you have set up and configured the Guest access features. 

Managing the Guest access features using the Linksys cloud account

Step 1-  Access your Linksys cloud account

Step 2- Click Guest access under the smart Wi-Fi tools option on the left navigation panel.

Step 3- When choosing whether to disable or enable the Guest access features, toggle the on/off switch if it's not set up.

Step 4- Click edit and enter your desired guess network name and password in the appropriate field but it is recommended to keep the suffix -guest at the end of the name.

Step 5- Specify the total number of Guests who can access your network from the total Guest allowed dropdown menu where a maximum of 50 Guests and a minimum of 5 guests can connect to the network simultaneously.

Step 6- Click on the Ok button to save your settings.

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