How to Manually Upgrading Linksys WiFi Router Firmware

Is there anyone who knows about how to manually upgrading Linksys wifi router firmware. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Manually Upgrading Linksys WiFi Router Firmware:

What’s really technologically advanced is its ability to get regular updates. These updates allow the router to function seamlessly and provide an efficient network to all the devices connected. 

Often to attend to the bug fixes Manually upgrading Linksys WiFi Router firmware is required. It might sound difficult but the process that follows is very simple and quick. 

Keeping your Linksys WiFi router firmware update can be done by downloading it from the Linksys Support Site. Updates might include feature enhancements so it's best to get them as soon as they are available. 

Every Linksys router can either get automatic updates or you can update it manually through firmware up-gradation. 

Before Manually Upgrading Linksys WiFi Router Firmware Make Sure the Checklist Below is in Place.

  • Try using a wired computer for better and stable connectivity. An unstable wifi network might damage your router permanently. 
  • Download the correct version for your computer. 
  • In case a data storage device is attached to your router, make sure you plug it out to avoid any sort of data loss.

After Checking the Above List, Follow the Steps Below to Manually Upgrade your Linksys WiFi Router Firmware.

1. Check Router’s Model and Version:

The label at the backside or at the bottom of your router will give you both the information. Make sure you have them correctly. 

2. Download Firmware Update:

Now download and save the recent firmware according to your router version from the Linksys Support site on your preferred folder whichever you find it easy to save the file. 

3. Performing Upgrade: 

Now that you have downloaded the update file for Manually upgrading Linksys WiFi Router firmware follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Launch your browser and type in the address bar. If this IP address does not work, check the router’s local IP address and enter it. 

Step 2: Put in your login credentials. The default password might be admin, but in case you changed it type that instead. 

Step 3: Click on Administration followed by Firmware Upgrade

Step 4: Click on the Browse file and select the file you downloaded

Step 5: Click on open and then click on Start Upgrade. 

Step 6: Prompts will appear on the screen, click on continue. 

Step 7: Turn the router off and then switch it on after a minute. 

These methods will now have upgraded the Linksys Wifi router firmware manually.

Linksys is another leading company in the segment of wifi routers. All its routers are high-tech and provide a flawless network across the lengths and breadths of the space they are used in. They are developed with advanced technologies and provide various features.

As many features as are available on your Android or ios devices, much more is available on the web console. The dashboard is easy to use and the router is even easier to install.  One of the features that make these routers better than others is their parental control. You can block the network for various clients maintaining the privacy of your network. 

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