How to Reset Belkin Wireless Router to Default Settings

Hello, Please let me know that How To Reset Belkin Wireless Router To Default Settings. I want to reset my Belkin router but don't know about it. Help me in resetting.

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Reset Belkin Wireless Router to Default Settings:

Within this post, you can find the details about how to reset the Belkin wireless router to default settings. In case your Belkin wireless router is not working or it acts strange than you can take the help of given steps.

Before you reset this you can operate Belkin support and Belkin router troubleshooting relevant guides. Now let’s discuss the issues and get to know how to reset Belkin wireless router to the default setting.

With the help of resetting router, you can solve many issues of the Belkin router sure for that. There are many routers which we have reset and almost all routers did work with the right setting after resetting.


Resetting the Belkin Wireless Router will delete all current settings and back to the default settings. So, do not operate the reset until you have the information which is importantly required to set up the router to the proper settings required once the reset process is finished.

There are Two Types of Methods to Reset the Belkin Router:

Software Reset:

A device should connect to the router’s wireless or LAN access the Belkin router setup utility.

  • Once you have done, you must be logged in your router through and click on submit. For more information login Belkin router.
  • Now, it will open a Belkin router setup utility on your home page where you find the router on the left side column there is an option “Restart Router”. After the click on restart the router. You found an administrator password or confirmation.
  • Make sure that the default password should be left blank and in case the password has been set then you can use the current password to operate software to reset the Belkin wireless Router to default settings.
  • Restart the Belkin router is not solving your issue with the router then you need to reset and restructured to work properly.

Hardware Reset:

If software reset is not performing on Belkin router then you can try a hardware reset on your Belkin wireless router. Hardware reset as like as restart, but it holds the current settings. To restart hardware on Belkin Router, you may find the reset button on the device.

  • Turn back your Belkin wireless router and you will find the red button that is covered on the rear or side of the router. Or you will find the word reset button. The router should stay at the time of operating.
  • Press the reset key with the help of anything object like a paper clip or any pen.
  • And hold the reset key for 30-40 seconds and restart the Belkin Router just after resetting.
  • Restart the Modem and your system.
  • Your router has been completely reset and ready to set up the router and the settings.

Other Methods:

Go to the window key + R and type IP configuration to take out your IP address or you can also search the IP address on your browser. Enter that IP address in your browser and it sure you have permission to access your router until you did not look it. And you can also run the factory reset through to go to the settings.

Final Thought:

In this post, I discussed all the methods, as you see above. Here I provided manual and other methods both. You can solve your issue with the help of both methods. But, I suggest first, you can try the manual methods. Because it gives you the best result, and it is the best way to solve the issue to Reset Belkin Wireless Router to default settings.

Now, it’s up to you which methods you want to follow. I hope this post will help you to resolve your problem. And if it will help you then share with other people who are in the same problem. Thank you for reading this post.

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  •   December 16, 2022