how to setup belkin router?

I recently bought a Belkin wireless router form my home network, I have a Comcast as a service provider. I do not know how to configure or setup this thing? Do I need to simply plug it in with my modem? Can anyone tell me in detail and non-tech language on how to do this?

2 weeks ago


Hello Anthony, it is extremely easy to setup Belkin router.

Just have a look at these points to set up Belkin wireless router -

  1. First of all, you have to directly connect your computer to the modem that you have. After connecting, you will see a login screen of your Internet Service Provider, just note down username and password.
  2. In next step, you have to unplug your Belkin router and also the modem.
  3. After this, plug your modem into Belkin router port that is labeled as "WAN". Then you have to connect your PC to one of the Belkin router's numbered ports.
  4. Next, turn on your modem and wait for a couple of moments.After some time, plug your Belkin router and make a fresh restart of your operating system.
  5. Go to Start> Control Panel> Network Connections. Locate "Local Area Connection" and then press right click on it to open Network Connection properties.
  6. Tap on "Network Protocol" and then on " Receive IP address automatically". Also, click on "Receive DNS server address automatically".
  7. Launch internet browser and if you are prompted for login details then enter them and enjoy hassle-free web browsing with your Belkin router.

how to setup belkin router?

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