How to Setup Linksys RE6500 Wifi Range Extender

I bought new Linksys RE6500 Wifi range extender but don't have any idea about it's setting up. Help me.
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Setup Linksys RE6500 Wifi Range Extender:

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the steps that one is required to carry out in order to setup Linksys RE6500 Wi-Fi range extender but prior to getting started with the setup process, let us first get to know what a Linksys range extender is. A wireless repeater is used to extend the range of network. 

A wireless repeater can help you extend the signal  then this wireless repaeater will extend the network so that it can reach the dead spots in your house. The Linksys wireless repeater is capable of extending the network upto 10,000 sq. ft. Linksys RE6500 range extender isn't particularly used for extending the network but it also has various features that makes it special. 

Some of its features are listed below. 

  • An installation disc is not required to setup wireless range extender. 
  • One can also connect speakers to this range extender. 
  • It can deliver a maximum speed of 867 Mbps. 
  • It can work in 2.5 Ghz band as well as 5 Ghz band. 
  • It also has a space finder technology, which helps in determining the perfect spot for placing the extender. 
  • One can also setup the range extender using the WPS mode. 
  • It also makes use of cross band technology. 

Now, let us move on to the steps that one needs to perform in order to setup Linksys RE6500 range extender. 

Step 1: In the first step, you are required to place the range extender. Your wireless repeater should be kept in a location where it can receive minimum 50% of the signal from the router. Therefore, it is recommended to place your extender in a location where it is equidistant from the dead spot and the router. 

Step 2: After deciding where you can place your router, the next thing that you need to do is to power your device. Prior to connecting the extender to the electrical outlet, you need to connect the antennas to the extender. 

Step 3: Now, you wait for some time till the extender light turns orange.

Step 4: Then, you are required to establish a connection between your range extender and the device where you are you are going to launch your setup wizard. 

For this, you can choose any method of connection. It can be wired or wireless. In the wireless connection, you are required to connect your computer system to the wireless extender using a wireless network.

If you are using a wired connection, then you need to connect your computer device to the extender using an ethernet wire. Also, you need to ensure that you computer system is not connected to any wireless network. 

Step 5: After a connection is established between your computer system and your wireless extender, then you need to launch an internet browser and enter in the location bar of your router. This will open up the setup wizard. 

Step 6: There, you are required to choose a language and select Start. 

Step 7: Now, it will ask you weather you want to use it as a router or a repeater. Select the option of "As a wireless range extender" and then select Next. 

Step 8: After that, a list of wireless networks will be displayed before you. There, you need to choose your home network. 

Step 9: After that, you will be asked to enter a password for your network. Click on Next after entering the password. 

Step 10: Now, you will enter the page where you can setup your Linksys range extender as per your wishes. You will get to know that the name of your extender is the same as your home network. The only difference between the two names would be the addition of three letters "ext" in the name of the extender. If you want, you can also change the name of your extender. After you are done making the necessary changes, you can select Next. 

Step 11: Now it istime for using the spot finder technology. by using this technology, you can find the right spot for keeping your Linksys RE6500 Wi-Fi range extender. If it displays that your wireless repeater is kept too far or too close, then you can move your extender to the perfect spot. But if says good, then click on "Next". 

Step 12: In the next step, you will be asked to set an administrative password with a hint. This needs to be done for security reasons. After that, click on Next. 

So, these were all the steps that you need to carry out in order to setup your Linksys RE6500 range extender. 

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