How to Setup Linksys RE6800 Extender as WiFi Range Extender

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Linksys RE6800 Extender as WiFi Range Extender. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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Setup Linksys RE6800 Extender:

If you wish to learn how you can setup Linksys RE6800 Extender, then you have made the right decision by opening up this link. This wireless repeater can be setup either by using a manual, WPS, or setup wizard. 

Here in this article, we will learn how to setup Linksys RE6800 range extender through setup wizard. Before you do anything, you must configure the router by entering the SSID and password. Now, move ahead with the setup process. 

Step 1 : Connect your range extender to the power source and place it near the range extender. 

Step 2 : When light changes to solid amber, then that is a green signal to continue with the steps to setup your range extender. 

Step 3 : After that, turn on Wi-Fi on your laptop or smartphone. 

Step 4 : Then, a Wi-Fi list will open up before you and you will be asked to connect your device to the default name such as Linksys Extender Setup-XXX. Here XXX represents the final 3 digits of your Linksys repeater’s Mac address. The Mac address is written on the other side of your Range extender. 

Step 5 : In the next step, launch any internet browser and then enter in the location bar of your internet browser. Alternatively, you can enter the IP address in the URL section of your browser. In case, this IP address or link does not work, then try to reset your router. 

Step 6 : It will take you to the setup page of your range extender. There, you are required to check the box, which says that, “I accept the end user license agreement”.  

Step 7 : After that, it will ask you to create a new password to safeguard your range extender. 

Step 8 : In the next step, it will ask you whether you would like to select your entender as a router or a repeater.

Step 9 : Then, it will start scanning the networks that are presently available in your area. There, you need to choose your wireless network and enter the password. 

Step 10 : In the next step, the setup will dsply how your extender is going to show up in the Wi-Fi list. 

Step 11 : The extender gets connected to the router within a period of 60 seconds. 

Step 12 : The spot finder will guide you and tell you the perfect position where you can place your range extender. 

Step 13 : Keep your wireless repeater away from appliances that create blockages and become a cause of weak signal strength. 

So above were all the steps that you are required to carry out in order to setup Linksys RE6800 extender.

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