How To Setup Linksys WHW0103 Velop

Please let me know that how to setup Linksys WHW0103 velop. I am facing some issues while setup it. Help me.
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Setup Linksys WHW0103 Velop:

If you are willing to set up Linksys WHW0103 Velop then you would be amazed with the thrilling speed of this unique Linksys device once this is executed. 

For this just have a Linksys App along with the Android mobile and a stable internet connection followed by a strict adherence to the procedure enunciated in this quick guide which ultimately will enable you to setup Linksys WHW0103 Velop for all Android Users.

Setting up the Linksys App

Step 1 - Initially you just have to download the Linksys App followed by pressing the “Launch Setup Now” button. 

Step 2 - Now click on the “Turn on Bluetooth” option. Additionally, please note that for enabling Bluetooth you may be asked by your device to switch on the Location services.

Step 3 - After going through the terms and conditions hit the “I Agree” button which will result in the “Setup” starting to look for the relevant node.

Step 4 - Continue by clicking on the “Next” button. It becomes noteworthy at this point in time that if the system is unable to locate the device then you must pick the device manually. For this purpose please note that “Vendor: Velop Whole Home WiFi” is the preferred device type.

Establishing the Internet Connectivity

Step 5 - Well in the attempt to set up Linksys WHW0103 Velop the system will now test the internet connectivity. If the internet connection is on stream then directly and skip to Step 14, else follow the steps mentioned from Step 6 to Step 13 to establish the internet connectivity.

Step 6 - Just resume by going through a detailed list of wired connections from the modem to the router that you are attempting to set up.

Step 7 - Place a tick on the check boxes that you find and then click on the “Next” option.

Step 8 - Now you have to restart your modem for effectuating the “Setup”. Continue by tapping the “Next” option if you don’t want to provide information related to the ISP. But if the situation warrants select the “Do you have ISP settings to enter?” option.

Step 9 - At this stage plug your modem into the electrical socket followed by unplugging the same and subsequently tapping “It’s Unplugged”.

Step 10 - Switch off the modem’s lights and select the “Lights are off” button and further allow your modem to disconnect from your ISP for two minutes.

Step 11 - Now the time has come to re-plug the modem. So, after plugging the same tap “It’s Plugged In” which is an important step to set up Linksys WHW0103 Velop.

Step 12 - A screen showing the completion of the procedure after which you will have to press the “Next” button followed by entering the Email Id and Password to establish the Linksys Cloud Account.

Step 13 - Once you are logged in just give your Wi-Fi a unique name and password.

Setting Up the Velop Network going Ahead

Step 14 - Click on “Next” and then go to “Settings” and the “Wi-Fi” thereafter. Finally, choose to click the new “Velop Wi-Fi” which will have the consequence of setting up the Velop’s network.

Step 15 - Continue giving the network a reasonable title and then tap “Next”.

Step 16 - Once you see the “Success” page just tap the “Always Fresh” screen which will ensure that you also have the latest firmware installed.

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