How to Update Firmware for Linksys Router?

Hello, Please tell me about how to update firmware for Linksys router. I have no idea about Linksys router. I am facing this problem first time.

Update Firmware for Linksys Router:

If you have a Linksys wireless router at home, then you must upgrade firmware for Linksys router to the latest version. This can help you get rid of bugs. Additionally, it can help you in case your wireless connection is dropping randomly. In this article you will learn about how you can update firmware for Linksys router to the latest version. Also, you need to ensure that your wireless network is secured.

1) Get the Version Number and Model Number of Your Wireless Router

The version number and model number of your Linksys router is written on the back of your router.

2) Download the Firmware of Your Linksys Router

First of all, open up your internet browser and then go to support. After that, enter the number of your wireless model. After that, go to get downloads and click on it.

Now, choose your wireless router’s version number. Go to the firmware section and then click on the link of download, this will show up the given information.

  • Release date: 7/1/2008
  • Number of you firmware version: For example, ver 1.52.6
  • Download the link and size: for example, 1.66 MB
  • After that, open up the notes for the new firmware.

Downloading the firmware is a necessary step to be performed before you update firmware for Linksys router.

3) Linksys Wireless Configuration Backup

Prior to the upgrade, create a backup of Linksys wireless configuration. Go to the main interface on the internet and then go to administration. From there move to configuration management and then backup. Now, go to config.bin. Save this file on your computer system.

4) Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

Go to the main interface on the web browser and from there, go to firmware upgrade and select the latest downloaded file. Now, click on upgrade. This will start the upgrade process. While the upgrade is going on, you must not click on any other link on the internet.

Wait for some time for the upgrade to get completed. After completing the upgrade, verify the version of your firmware to ensure that the upgrade was done successfully. So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow to upgrade firmware for Linksys router.

How to Update Firmware for Linksys Router

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