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Hi all, I am trying to connect the linksys router with my laptop.. I have recently moved to India and wanted to connect to make my home WiFi and that's why I brought this router with me. I have resettled the router and to be fast I was trying to configure it with a wired connection. i am able to go into the IP address to configure the connection, all the lights on the router are showing that it has internet in it but not sure why the internet is getting to my laptop from it even when its wired with the router. The icon on the right bottom should say Local and Internet, and its saying Local only. The internet is fine as I am able to use it when I am directly connected to the modem. Please suggest how to fix this issue with this router from Linksys.

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Fix Linksys Router not Connecting Issue:

Routers have one of the most favorable devices to all over the world. in which a Linksys router is a top brand in home computing network and no doubt in connecting with multiple devices.

In fact, this brings excellent internet speed. Here we deploy some easy troubleshooting steps for Linksys router where users can now connect to the internet without any error.

Method to connect a Linksys Router via the Internet Connection:

Step: 1 First of all, be sure that your PC device and a Linksys router is powered On. Also a green solid light must indicate on Linksys router.

Step: 2 Get to check all network connections properly and are securely connected to a system device.

Step: 3 Make it confirm that the green light will always be green in all your connections.

Step: 4 Ensures that your wireless network of a Linksys router will share the same wired Equivalent privacy (WEP) and changes the SSID name as Service Set Identifier. To verify all these settings into a Linksys router, you’ve to make a proper setup of this router device;


-- Open a any one of your favorite web browser as Chrome, Firefox or a safari. Then type a Linksys router IP address as into the blank filed of a address bar. Now hit a enter key.

-- This appears to fill all the details of login as username and a password. Now leave the username field as blank and type as admin into a password field. Again hit a enter key. A Router Setup page will be appeared.

-- Remember, while entering a username and a password, if you wish to change login credentials then change it. Now users can enter a new password into that blank field, only for a security purposes.

-- Get to verify the WEP or SSID settings should be matched rather than other router devices on the network.

-- Ensures that network cabling should be away from its main power outlets not to very close with having other strong sources such as electromagnetic interference.

-- Furthermore, if these methods failed, then go through the factory default settings, reset your router.

-- For resetting a Linksys router device, use a pen or a paper clip, insert into a reset button that was labeled to the back of a Linksys router.

-- Hold it for at least 5-10 seconds, until n unless the Diag red light is ON.

-- Now make a restart your Linksys router.

-- For more info, read out a manual guide to make a setup Linksys router utility without CD.

We hope users get prompt answers in the way to work. If these steps were unable to fix an issue, then try another method to troubleshoot it.


Ø Check whether you’re accessible to the Wi-Fi network.

Ø Make sure that your devices are properly connected in a right position.

Ø Also verify that power is on for a Linksys router and a computer device.

Ø Make changes in the factory default settings.

Ø Place a Linksys router in such a way that gives flawless network as speedily.

Ø Check whether you’re accessible to the internet or not.

Above steps can be discussed and get easiest way to diagnose it. Here clients find accurate solutions at any time.

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Fix Linksys Router not Connecting Issue:

While you are Reading article we are quite sure that you are looking to setup linksys router with your internet connection .

  1. First make sure modem is getting Internet .
  2. Now Connect Your modem with Linksys wireless router using Ethernet cable .
  3. Make Sure modem Should be Connected to W.A.N (Internet) port of your router .
  4. Now its Time to Configure linksys Wireless router – Please Connect the router with your Computer using the Ethernet cable .
  5. Make sure First Port (LAN 1) of your Linksys router needs to be connected with your Computer Using the Cable .
  6. Please Find the Default Gateway Open command prompt (CMD) and type ipconfig And JUST Drag the cursor look for default gateway you will see a Default Gateway .
  7. Most of the Time Linksys wireless router Default gateway is OR see if that open the router page for you .
  8. Open the Browser in your computer Like Chrome, Firefox,internet explorer or Microsoft edge etc .
  9. and Type the Default Gateway on the Very Top of your browser and press Enter .
  10. It will Ask for user name and password
  11. Try these combinations
  12. username = admin and password = admin
  13. if that did not work checkout this
  14. username = admin and password = password
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