NETGEAR Router WiFi Calling Not Working

Some time ago I had an old NETGEAR router and I just upgraded to a brand new Nighthawk X6S (AC 3000). Netgear router provided WiFi calling facility via Verizon. But after upgrading, it does not allow Wifi calling facility, even the internet is connected. Any ideas would be great

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Netgear Router WiFi Calling Not Working -

If you are someone having a concern why Netgear router Wi-Fi calling not working, then you have come to the right place. This forum will give you solutions to all your issues related to Wi-Fi calling. If you are one of the people having T-mobile or AT&T, then you may have some issue in connecting your wireless network.

You may have witnessed that Wi-Fi calling Netgear initially works out but then it gets disconnected. This generally happens because your circle device filters out the virtual private network connections.

Enabling the traffic of Wi-Fi calling Netgear

  •  Open up the circle application and then navigate to the profile of the person whose Smartphone is going through the issue of voice calling.
  •  Now, go to the option of filter on the profile and then go to the last part of the category list.
  •  Now, to know how to get rid of the problem of Netgear router blocking Wi-Fi calling, locate VPN’S & proxies’ and go to the button, which mentions “allowed”
  •  When you will click on the button, then the calls will get enabled.
  •  After that, go to the top right side and touch on the “Save” option.
  •  Now, test out Wi-Fi calling on your device.

So, this was one of the ways that will solve the problem of Netgear router blocking Wi-Fi calling. This is one of the best solutions for making Wi-Fi calling work.

An alternate method for solving the problem of Netgear router Wi-Fi calling not working

If the above-mentioned method of Wi-Fi calling Netgear does not work out for you, then there is nothing to worry. You can also make Wi-Fi calling work by using this alternate method.

  •  It is important for you to ensure that the device that is having connection issues is assigned to the right person.
  •  Open the filter settings one more time and make sure that the changes made in the settings were saved.
  •  Now go to the option of Custom Filter and check whether any sites are responsible for disabling Wi-Fi calling.

So, these were the two different ways through which you can sort out the problem of Netgear router Wi-Fi calling not working. After using these methods, Netgear router blocking Wi-Fi calling issue will not arise. We have been gifted with one of the finest technologies like Wi-Fi calling, therefore we must know how to make the best use of it.

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