How Do I Reset Linksys RE6300 Router?

You may have encountered several errors as a Linksys RE6300 router user. These errors occur for several different reasons, and there are times when you may face issues while resolving them. In such situations, resetting the router is the foremost thing that you should consider. A simple reset can refresh your router and fix minor errors.

When the Linksys RE6300 router and extender setup are not working correctly, there can be many problems. This can be fixed by resetting the Linksys RE6300 router. The process takes about a minute, and you do not need technical knowledge. You can reset your Linksys RE6300 router using the two methods below.

How to Reset Linksys RE6300 Router?

If you are looking for methods to reset your Linksys RE6300 router, then here is how you can do that in a few simple steps-

Using the Reset Button to Reset

  • You have to log in to your router first.
  • You must find the reset button on your Linksys router, usually at the back of the Linksys RE6300 router device.
  • After finding the reset button, you will have to press and hold it with the help of a paper clip pen or any thin object. Hold the button for about 20 to 30 seconds and wait till the external light blinks or changes.
  • Then, release the button after a few seconds.
  • Now you have to wait until the extendbootsots itself and set the router to factory default settings.
  • You have now successfully reset your Linksys RE6300 router.

Resetting the Router With the Help of a Web Interface

  • To access the Linksys RE6300 router setup, you must first go to your device's web browser and type
  • Add the default password and username of your Linksys RE6300 router. You can acquire these login details through the user manual. You can change these default login credentials for better security.
  • Hit Enter to get access to the router control console.
  • Under the administrative tab, you will find the factory default option.
  • You have to select that option to restore factory defaults.

If you face any issues while performing the reset, consider getting professional help and assistance.