Why Apple Airport Router is Not Working on My Windows 7 OS

I have Windows 7 and am trying to connect to an Apple Airport router but am unsuccessful. I can connect to the internet directly through the ethernet cord. But my brother 's computer does not have trouble with this router. In fact, the internet speed is quite good. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

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Fix Apple Airport Router is Not Working Issue:

For connecting Apple Airport router to Windows 7 OS, install the AirPort Utility from the CD. To share the files on a Windows 7 OS,  you need to turn on the file and printer sharing option. Also, turn on network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing in Windows 7.

After this, open Advanced sharing settings by clicking the Start button. Next, click on Control Panel and type network in the search box. Click Network and Sharing Center, and then click "Change advanced sharing settings". To expand the Home network profile, click on Chevron.

Select the options to turn on network discovery and file sharing. Under Public folder sharing, to share your Public folders so that people on other computers on the network can open files in them but can't create or change files, click on the option "Turn on sharing".

By doing this, anyone with network access can open files. Click Save changes. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password and then enjoy browsing with Apple Airport router.

Connect Airport Airport router to Windows7:

Here are our step-by-step instructions for getting your Windows7 ready to administrate an Apple Airport router.

1. Go to Airport Utility Download” page and hit a click on "Download Airport Utility for Windows” option.

2.Click Download > AirPortSetup.exe. Next, choose Next button and proceed further. Choose "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next.

3. Click on Install option. When you are prompted by the User Account Control window, click on Finish button. Now apple router has installed on Windows 7. Next, click on finish button and quit the installer.

4. Click on Start and type Airport in the search bar. Next, choose Airport Utility and check the box that is next to "Private networks, such as my home or work network." After this, click OK and double-click on your Airport network.

Now you can control access, shared printers and perform other settings from Apple Airport router. If trouble arises at any moment, then call right away at Apple Router Technical Support Number.


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