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Why I am Unable to Access Internet Through Linksys WAG54G?

I have UK Wanadoo Broadband connection but now I am replacing my Wanadoo Speedtouch modem with the Linksys WAG54G. It connects to a PC running Win XP Home through a Linksys USB Network Adaptor. My another PC is also connected to the network through the Wireless Network Adaptor. The problem is, I can't get either computer to access the internet through the Linksys WAG54G. As I am a new user so please help me to fix this issue as earliest as possible.

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Fix Unable to Access Internet Through Linksys WAG54G:

Most of the times, we face a situation where we get successfully connected to the computer but can't access the internet. There may be several reasons for such kind of a situation, either your computer is having a problem or the Linksys wag54g router is not connected to the internet via ISP.

Go through the following steps:

1. First check to see whether it is your router or computer that is making a connection problem. You can do this by connecting the same wireless network to another computer.

2. If other computer is connected to the network propely, then you may need to check your computer. It means that there is a issue with your computer.

3. But if you can't access internet on the another computer then try to restart your wireless router along with cable modem or ISP router. If still not connected, then call ISP and they will run some tests to check if they can reach your router.

4. In case of computer connectivity problem, it is much harder to solve this issue. Why? because there may be a lot of reasons for this issue.

Howver, you can use some techniques to make it connect to your Linksys wag54g router(If it works)

Method 1: Try to reset your wireless network:

Sometimes a router has MAC address filtering enabled which means that only certain computers can connect to your router. Simply reset the router to default settings. This will possbibly remove all the security, filtering or any other settings that can create problems in connecting your router to the computer.

Method 2: Reset TCP/IP Stack:

Repair your internet connection(if it is corrupted) by resetting the TCP/IP stacks in windows.

Go to start, and Run. Type cmd.

Now write the following command in cmd:

netsh int ip reset reset.log

netsh winsock reset catalog

Reboot your computer and then check your internet connection.

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