Why My Belkin Wireless Router is Not Connecting to Internet?

I have reset IP stack in Windows 8 to repair the internet but still my router is not connecting to the internet.


There are many possibilities where you may face Internet connection problems while connected to the Belkin router.

  • Belkin router needs to be reconfigured with your modem and Windows 8.
  • Check some factors that affect wireless Belkin router, such as:
  1. Network selection and security Hardware access control Client TCP/IP settings Signal strength Sources of interference
  2. Unplug the modem, the router and the computer (in that order) from their respective power outlets then wait for 30 seconds before plugging them back. Re-plug the computer first followed by the router and then the modem. Wait for the LEDs of all the devices to stabilize then check if you can go online (try accessing any website).
  3. Connect your windows directly to the modem and check if you can go online. If you cannot go online, contact your ISP

Why My Belkin Wireless Router is Not Connecting to Internet

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