How Can I Set Up a Belkin N150 Router Without the CD

Hey, I have a Belkin n150 router at home and it is hardly 3 months old. Recently I changed my ISP to Chromecast and it seems I have to setup my router again from scratch. The problem is last time the ISP guy configured and set the router for me but that is not the case this time. I want to setup the router but I don't have the the CD which came along with it. Is there a way to do it without the CD?

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Belkin N150 Setup without CD:

Belkin routers are used to share data from one route to the other. Such routers will runs in a speedily manner and can make a setup without using CD. Users get failed to make a setup of a Belkin n-150 router without CD and needs technical advice.

For their convenience, they can go through this forum and tries to make a setup of a Belkin router which they can access their internet data to other digital devices.

Solutions that may help users make a setup Belkin N150 Router without CD:

Follow these steps and do a hard setup of Belkin n-150 Router.

Step-1 Firstly plug a modem into its power source.

Step-2 Now get to connect your PC device with a modem by using an Ethernet Cable without installing a Belkin router.

Step-3 Check whether you’re PC device is accessible to the internet connection with a website. If you’re not accessible to one of a website? Ask to your ISP. Thus, now your modem has been established to an internet connection that works in a fine condition.

Now get to proceed the process of Belkin router n-150 setup.

Step-4 Then connect a modem device to a WAN connection or an internet port of a Belkin router.

Step-5 Let us plug a Belkin n-150 router device back to a power source.

Step-6 Get to connect a PC system with any one of its LAN or two Ethernet ports of a Belkin n-150 router. First you need to connect to an Ethernet cable. If do to so, then proceed to next step.

Step-7 Now users can see a LED light in their router device on the upper panel of a Belkin n-150 device. Wait for a while until and unless when the light turns into a solid blue. Hence, if it doesn’t turn it into a solid blue, then it must have some technical issues which show some error.

  • First ensures that you’re properly connected along with a modem and its Ethernet cable to a Belkin n-150 router.
  • Then do the power cycle of a modem after unplugging to its main power source. Wait for a 10-15 minutes and plugged it back again to its main power source.
  • Also do the same as in Belkin router. First unplugged the Belkin router and power cycle it. Wait for at least 10-15 seconds and then again plug a Belkin router into the main power source. It helps to re-connect a strong communication between the modem and a computer device.

Step-8 Get to access a web based router setup page and type its IP address as into a web address bar field.

Step-9 On the page of a setup, get to modify a network name and its password. Click the button to save and continue it.

Step-10 Thus, now fill all the necessary details and register your Belkin router. Then give a one click to complete registration.

Step-11 Now press the key button to Thanks and get to on the dashboard button.

Hence the process of how to Setup Belkin n150 router is now completed.

  •  Rahul
  •   May 5, 2022
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Belkin N150 Wireless Router Setup without CD:

  • Once You Connected The Belkin Router With Computer Please Open The Web Browser And Type And Hit Enter.
  • Belkin Router setup Page Or Belkin Dashboard will come up And Now you Can Configure The Settings In your Belkin router.
  • You can change or setup password as you wish . After setup Your Belkin Router Please Restart Your Router And Computer.
  •  kirti
  •   May 5, 2022