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How to Fix Orbi Router Wont Turn On and No Light?

Please let me know that how to fix the Orbi router that won't turn on and has no light. I am not able to do turning on Orbi router, help me.
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Fix Orbi Router Wont Turn On: No Light:

Orbi routers are the most affordable and compact-sized routers that you can purchase in the market. Their compact size makes it easier for you to plug in anywhere without much hassle.

The Orbi routers are available in different shapes and sizes making them an aesthetic piece for your house or office. You can get it easily on Amazon. Its dual-band version of the Netgear mesh router makes it a reliable choice for people looking for budget-friendly routers. 

Now when you log in there can be certain challenges like the Orbi router wont turn on: No light. You might switch it on and with no light turning on it might seem like a futile effort. So before troubleshooting the Orbi router won't turn on:

No light issue make sure you check the following and proceed on to the ways we have listed below to fix it. 

  • Check the power outlet and other cables to make sure there isn’t any fault or loose connection. 
  • Check with your service provider as well for any server downtime that you might not beware of. 

Now let’s look at a few ways through which you can resolve the issue. 

1. Change the Power Outlet of Orbi Router:

There’s a high chance that your power outlet could have failed to provide the correct amount of voltage for your router to work properly. Try changing the power outlet to see if the issue gets resolved and the light turns ON.

2. Check Cable of Orbi Router:

There’s a high chance that the ethernet cable could have been loosely connected. In such scenarios, pull out the ethernet cable and plug it back in. The cable should be firmly placed. Switch on your router and see if the light turns ON.

3. Reset Orbi Router:

Resetting can also come in handy if the issue of the Orbi router wont turn on: No light persists. To reset your Orbi router follow these quick steps. 

  • Find the Reset button around the ethernet cable.
  • If the button is inside use a pin or a needle to press it for about 10-15 seconds. 
  • Let the reset process end. 
  • Switch on the router and see if the LED has turned ON.

4. Re-configure Orbi Router:

Head to the router’s configuration page and change it to AP mode. On your modem, disable the wifi radios. Now check again to see if the issue has been resolved. 

5. Netgear Support:

As the Orbi router is a part of Netgear, you can go ahead and file a complaint regarding the Orbi router wont turn on: No light issue. If it’s an issue with the device, you can ask for a refund or a replacement. If it’s an issue that can be resolved, the customer support team can help you find your way out. 

6. Update Firmware of Orbi Router:

There are firmware updates that are available on the website of Netgear. Use the TFTP Windows built-in client to get the update. Use the software to update your firmware through the LAN connection.

With the above-listed methods, you can troubleshoot the Orbi router wont turn on: No light issue.

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