How do I Manually Upgrade Firmware on Orbi Router Using

Hello, Please let me know how do i manually upgrade the firmware on Orbi router using I am facing some issue in this help me.
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Upgrade Firmware on Orbi Router Using

The firmware of the router and satellite must be upgraded to the newest version if you want the better working of the Orbi router. For this, there is an ‘Auto-update’ facet accessible in the Orbi which if supported can upgrade the firmware on Orbi router when accessible.

Though, if you cannot do the update work, then go for the troubleshooting measures and verify if the internet at home is working correctly or not. The simple workarounds are considered as below:

Login to the Orbi Satellite Page and Verify if the Router is Operating or Not.

  • Put the satellite closer to the router
  • Test Out the wireless connectivity:

1. Upgrade the Firmware on Your Orbi Router: Do the following:

  • Go Back to Home page shows. Then go-to the Firmware-Update page: Choose ADVANCED - Administration - Firmware Update.
  • Click on the Manual Update label & afterward Browse button, then find and choose the file that ends in ‘.img’ on your desktop.
  • Click on the UPLOAD button to upload the firmware file. It gets some time to complete the procedure. Click on the YES button to resume.
  • Next to the Orbi router completes upgrading, double-check the firmware version in the upper-right position. The firmware on your Orbi router is upgraded.

2. Upgrade the Firmware on the Orbi satellite: Work Out the Following:

  • Choose the RBS50 (Orbi-satellite) checkbox.
  • Click-on the Update button. The Orbi satellite Firmware Update’ window opens.
  • If the browser requests you for the admin pin, enter the similar pin you registered for the router.
  • Click on the Browse button, then find and choose the file RBS50-V1.4.0.16.img on your desktop.
  • Click the upload button to upload the firmware file. After Orbi satellite completes renewing, choose Status and double-check that the firmware edition is V1.4.0.16.

3. To Manually Upgrade the Firmware on Orbi Router and Satellite, Go Along with These Steps:

  • Download the firmware for your Orbi router and satellite broadcasting: Stick to the steps stated below to manually modernize it.
  • From the web-browser of your pc, open the ‘Download center’ and then verify the latest version of  the satellite that is open for download. After researching the most modern version, click to begin the download.
  • Then, click on the sign-in button on the Orbi login page. Then you will be urged to submit the login specifics like username and password when you press Sign-in,
  • After a successful login, click the ‘Firmware Update’ knob. The method of firmware revision will be started shortly after this.
  • If triggered to login once again, go through the same login particulars and press the ‘Submit’ button. This is getting something done to confirm the individuality. You will find that the file gets downloaded to the pc which you have to move to the device throughout a wireless link.
  • Wait On for the firmware to shift totally to the device. The firmware version is now well downloaded, and you can begin surfing the internet with no back issue.

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