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How to Fix Orbi Satellite Not Connecting?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix Orbi satellite not connecting. I am facing some issues while connecting Orbi. Help me.

Fix Orbi Satellite Not Connecting:

Although the Orbi Mesh WiFi System from Netgear has received rave reviews, users do note a number of frequent problems, as is the case with other WiFi equipment. Users frequently experience problems like their Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to the router. Here's a fix for it.

Satellite Connection Error with Orbi

The satellite and router are typically too far away for your Orbi satellite to link. Try syncing the devices in the same space to see if it helps. Reset the satellite and link the devices with an Ethernet cable if the problem still exists. Restart the router as a last resort.

The colours of the Obri light denote each device's current condition. A purple light will emerge if there is a problem connecting to the satellites.

Let's go over each step you must do to connect as soon as possible.

Starting with the simpler, more obvious repairs, we'll progress to more complex troubleshooting techniques.

Syncing Devices When Nearby

Try synchronizing the Orbi satellite or router in the same room as a first step. Start by positioning the devices about 6 feet apart from one another. Then, carry out the following:

Step 1: Reconnect the satellite after first unplugging it. The device's power light on the rear should illuminate. If not, tap the power button to turn it on.

Step 2: Hit the Sync button on the satellite after that, then press the Sync button on the router. It's crucial to push the Sync buttons no or more twice in every two minutes.

Step 3: Wait for the devices to sync right now. As the satellite tries to sync with the router, its ring LED should begin to blink white.

Step 4: Finally, a blue light will start to appear on the satellite once the link has been formed.

Step 5: When this synchronizing process failed after a few tries, users indicated that redoing these four steps in a different spot or position within the house usually worked. Once a link has been established, relocate the satellite to the intended installation position and repeat the syncing processes.

Satellite Reset and Resync

Try resetting the satellite if you are still unsuccessful in connecting the devices even though they are in the same area. Press and hold the Reset button with a paperclip while the satellite is turned on until the Power LED on the back begins blinking to reset the satellite.

Once the satellite has been reset, try again to complete the Orbi syncing procedure.

Sync Devices Using an Ethernet Cable in Step 3

If your synchronization issues continue, try connecting the satellite directly to the router using an ethernet connection.

After giving the devices a few minutes to sync while still being directly linked, disconnect the ethernet line and relocate the satellite to the desired place. To finish the operation, repeat the synchronization steps from before.

Notably, you don't need to press sync or do anything else while connecting the devices using an Ethernet cable. Keep holding off unplugging and moving the gadget until the blue light on the satellite goes out.


The inability of your Orbi Satellite Not Connect with the network is one of the most annoying situations. Fortunately, there are tried-and-true solutions you may use to rapidly get your internet working again.

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How to Fix Orbi Satellite Not Connecting

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