How to Resolve Amber LEDs or a Blinking Power LED on NETGEAR Routers

Please let me know how to resolve amber LEDs or a blinking power led on NETGEAR routers. I have no idea about that help me.
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Resolving Amber LEDs or a Blinking Power LED on NETGEAR Routers:

A normal-working router flashes a continuous green light meaning that all the connections are good whereas a red-light indicates that there might be possible failures in the router. These lights indicate the state of your router- if it is on, connected, off, etc.

If you look at your router and see the blinking Power LED then you might be facing some internet connectivity problems. You can make sure that all your connecting wires are tightly joined and the connections are secure.

This issue can be detected if you turn on your router and the Power LED remains amber for about 30 seconds. Now instead of turning green or white if the LED continues to keep flashing the same color as before this signifies that there is a problem with your router.

Before moving forward, you must ensure that if you have a WNR2000v4 error then you must install the latest firmware to rectify this problem.

In a case that you see the following symptoms, then you are facing an issue with your router:

  • Your router’s Power LED is amber
  • Your router’s Power LED remains amber
  • Your router’s Power LED keeps on blinking
  • Your router’s Power LED does not turn green or white
  • None of the devices are getting connected to the internet
  • A valid IP address is not provided

Please make sure that you are using the same power adapter that came with your router. Or if you used a surge protector then try to divert it or change the connection of your router to a different power outlet and see if the problem still exists.

Now Follow the Steps Stated Below if There is Amber Power LED or if the Power LED Keeps on Blinking:

Step 1: Switch off your router. Now switch it back on and check if the Power LED is green or white.

Step 2: Now reset your router. For this press and hold the Reset button on the router. This will revert the router to its factory settings.

Step 3: If you still find the Power LED blinking, then you need to connect the computer to the LAN port of your router.

Step 4: Next set the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway of your computer to static.

Step 5: After doing this open the command prompt. In Windows, you can type cmd in the search section of Start and then click on Enter.

Or if you are using MAC OSX then click on Go then select Utilities and at last select Terminal.

Step 6: In the command prompt window type: ping and then click on Enter.

Step 7: If you are getting replies then you need to reinstall the firmware on the router.

Also, remember to set your computer configuration back to Obtain an IP address automatically from step 4. Suppose your LED on NETGEAR router Netgear orange light then this means that your router is in recovery mode and you need to re-flash its firmware.


By following these steps, you can resolve amber LEDs or a blinking power issue in your router. Your router will start working properly again and perform at its normal speed and settings. You will again be able to connect your devices to the internet without any possible problems with the router.

Your router will show you with these lights what is the state of connectivity of the devices with the internet. Also, remember that if the router is not getting connected to the internet then it may be facing any of the above-mentioned issues. If the problem does not get solved then you can ask for help from the NETGEAR support facilities.

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