How to Setup Belkin Router After Reset?

Tried to setup a 4 port Belkin wireless router as an access point only to connect to another wireless router it took the change. Changed its IP to but now I cant see the belkin at all via the maintenance page address. Tried the reset at the back but no luck is there any way to get the danged thing back to factory default if you cant see the maintenance screen?

Belkin Router Not Working After Reset | Belkin Router Setup

Configuring Belkin router is as simple as anytime else, all you need to have is the software CD with the necessary drivers.

I will discuss the setup below for reset Belkin router, make sure to follow the institutions carefully:

Step 1 : Connect your Belkin router to your computer either via a wired ethernet connection or via wireless wifi. Wait for a couple of minutes to let the connection get established.

Step 2 : Open your web browser and type in the default gateway address for Belkin routers in the URL field. You will be redirected to the login page of your router settings.

Step 3 : Since you have reset Belkin router, you need to enter the default login credentials to enter into your Belkin router settings.

Default Username: admin

Default Password: password/ "leave it blank"

Step 4 : Once on the main settings page, first go to Internet settings or WAN settings and enable DHCP, this will allow your router to receive an automatic IP address from the server.

From this page, you can also choose between the 2.4 GHz bandwidth channel and 5.0Ghz bandwidth channel. Save the settings.

Step 5 : Next, go to the Security Settings page, select WPA2 as your encryption type as it is safest among the given options. Below the Encryption type, you will notice a box for Pass-Key, this is your wifi password. 

Make sure to create a strong one with the help of uppercase, lowercase, and numerals. Save the settings.

Step 6 : You have successfully setup your Belkin router after reset. You can use the software CD to install necessary software driver, if you have misplaced or lost the CD, no need to worry as you can download the latest software driver from the official website of the Belkin.

These are the few steps involved in configuring or setting up your Belkin router after the reset. Hopefully, these helped you in setting the Belkin router and resolve all your issues.

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Belkin Router not Working after Reset:

  1. Unplug all LAN cables from the router.
  2. Unplug the router power cord connector from the back of the device.
  3. Using a paper clip or something similar that will fit into the reset hole press continue to hold the reset button then carefully reinsert the power cord making sure not to release the reset button in the process.
  4. Continue to hold the reset button in for at least 15 seconds after inserting the power cord then release it. After about 10-25 seconds the router will boot and it will be set back to the original factory default settings. Note: By default the password on the router is left blank and the default IP address is
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Belkin Router not Working after Reset:

Did you hold the reset button down for 20 seconds. If that doesn't work go to your web browser enter in while your computer is connected to the router and the router is on usually.

It will ask you for a username and pass default is admin admin, there should be a reset to factory defaults button somewhere there. It's a good idea to change your router password every once in a while to make your computer and personal information more secure.

Every router works a little differently however and there are so many makes and models that it would be impossible to cover the intricacies of each one.

Thankfully most of the steps are essentially the same for the vast majority of browsers even if the layout and configuration varies slightly.

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Belkin Router Not Working After Reset | Belkin Router Setup

For Setting up Belkin Router Extender you Need to follow Some Steps :-

1. Find the circular button marked “Reset” on the back of your router.

2. Use a pin or paperclip and press the “Reset” button.

3. Hold the “Reset” button down for 10 seconds.

4. Release the button.

I hope it will help you...

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How to Setup Belkin Router After Reset

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