How to Setup TP Link AC1900 WiFi Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup tp link ac1900 wifi router. I bought this TP link ac1900 router but don't know about it's setting. Help me in setup.

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To set up the TP-link AC1900 router, you need certain things like the TP-link router, an Ethernet cable, a power adapter, a computer or mobile device, an internet modem, ISP credentials, and a user manual for reference. The setup process for the TP-link AC 1900 router is similar to any other router setup.

You need first to access the router interface with the help of the IP address and login credentials and configure the internet connection. Once you are done setting up the router, reboot the device and wait for some time. Always refer to the router's user manual for complete instructions and guidance.

In case your Internet connection is via an Ethernet cable from a barrier as opposed to a DSL / Cable / Satellite modem, hook up the Ethernet cable straight to the router's Internet port. After that, go along steps 5 and 6 to wrap up the hardware connection.

  1. To begin with, install the antennas on the router.
  2. Switch off the modem and take out the backup battery (if present.)
  3. Join the modem to the Internet port on your router by way of an Ethernet cable.
  4. After that, switch on the modem, and at that point, hang around for roughly two minutes till it starts again.
  5. Switch on the router.
  6. Make sure that the following LEDs are switched on and stable before carrying on with the configuration.
  • Power
  • 2.4G Internet
  • 5G
  • Internet

Be aware that in case the 2.4G LED and 5G LED are switched off, then hold the Wi-Fi button down on the side panel for nearly 2 seconds and test the LEDs for a second time soon after.

Configure Using the Web Browser-

To setup TP-Link AC 1900 router, first, join your PC to the router (Wired or Wireless).

In case of Wired, switch off the Wi-Fi on your PC before linking the gadgets. If you want to join devices without wires, make use of the default wireless network name (SSID) and password stamped on the product label on the rear panel of the router.

Configure TP Link ac1900 Router with the Help of a Web Browser-

  1. Write down or in the address bar of a web browser.
  2. To start with, type in admin for both username and password; after that, click Login.
  3. Be aware that in case the login window does not come into view, look up FAQ->Q1.
  4. Subsequently, select your region and time zone before clicking Next.
  5. After that, select your WAN Connection Type, or click Auto Detect in case you are doubtful about your connection type.
  6. Later, click Next and go along with the instructions.
  7. Either use the default or modify the wireless settings before clicking Next. Be mindful that if you modify the default SSID and password, you must type in the new wireless settings.
  8. At the outset, validate your settings and later, click either Save to continue or Back to make additional adjustments.
  9. Afterward, test your Internet connection; soon after, click Finish to leave the Quick Setup.

Configure with the Help of Tether App-

With TP-LINK's Tether app, you can easily access the tp link ac1900 router and:

  • Scrutinise data about the clients on your network.
  • Stop network access from particular users or gadgets.
  • Establish parental control, together with access time and content restrictions.
  • Effortlessly modify the necessary wireless network settings.

How to Begin?

  1. In the beginning, scan the QR code to download the TP-LINK Tether app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Ensure that your smart gadget is wirelessly connected to the home network.
  3. Introduce the Tether app and start handling your home network.

USB Characteristics-

Employ the USB ports for media sharing, storage sharing, and printer sharing across your local network. What is more, you can also establish an FTP server to gain access to your files remotely using the Internet.

If you want to know more about USB features, either get hold of the Resource CD attached in the package after visiting the website or scan the QR code with your smart gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-What Should I do If the Login Window does Not Come Into View?

  • In case the PC is joined to a static or fixed IP address, then alter the setting to get hold of an IP address without human intervention.
  • Check if or is accurately written in the web browser.
  • As a substitute, type in in the web browser.
  • Apply a different web browser and try for a second time.
  • Reboot your router and try once more.

Disable and enable the network adapter before using it yet again.

2-What Should I do If I don't Receive Internet Connection?

  • First of all, examine if the Internet is working as it should be by attaching a PC straight to the modem using an Ethernet.
  • In case your Internet connection is not working, get in touch with your Internet Service Provider.
  • Start a web browser.
  • Next, write down or before running the setup for a second time.
  • Reboot your router and try once again.
  • In case you are making use of cable modem, then initially, reboot the modem.
  • If the problem refuses to go away, log into the Web Management page of the router, and visit Advanced > Network > MAC Clone;

Now, click Clone MAC Address before clicking Save.

3-What Should I do if I am Unable to Remember My Web Management Password?

  • At first, turn to FAQ > Q3 to reset the router.
  • Later, make use of the default admin (all lowercase) for both username and password to gain access.

4-What Should I do if I cannot Recall My Wireless Network Password?

On condition that you have not changed the default wireless password, you can uncover it from the product label of the router.

  • At first, gain access to the Web Management page.
  • Next, go to see Basic > Wireless to recover or reset your wireless password.

5-How do I Give Back the Router its Factory Default Settings?

  • Once the Power button on the router is switched on, push and hold the Reset/WPS button down up until the LED flashes off and on.
  • Open up the Web Management page of the router, and go to see Advanced > System Tools > Factory Defaults; at this point, click Restore.
  • Now, the TP Link ac1900 router will get back its factory default settings and reboot automatically.
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