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How to Setup TP Link Extender RE200?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup TP Link extender re200. I bought this TP Link extender re200 but don't know how to setup it. Give me any solution.

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Setup TP-Link RE200:

How to extend the Wifi coverage of your router? The TP Link RE200 extender increases the network coverage by boosting up the Wifi signals of your installed router device. The next generation 11AC Wi-Fi technology works with any standard Wi-Fi router and builds up stronger dual-band connections in hard-to-reach areas so that the users can enjoy seamless wireless coverage from anywhere, home or office.

This extender device targets unreachable areas of your home/office providing a smooth experience to users. An ethernet port is also provided which functions as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices.

Before starting up with the configuration of TP Link RE200, let us quickly check some of the important hardware connections required for the tp-link re200 setup process.

  • Plug in RE200 into some power outlet which is near to your wireless router or Access point.
  • With the help of an ethernet cable, connect your tp-link re200 to your PC.
  • In case if the ethernet connection is unavailable, try connecting your Tplink extender wireless network via your PC/tablet/phone. Remember the default name for your extender is TP-LINK_Extender xxxxxx.

Quick Steps to Setup TP Link RE200:

Step 1 : Open and access the web interface of RE200 using its default IP Else you can enter the domain name directly into the address bar of the browser which is tplinkextender.net or tplinkrepeater.net.

Step 2 : Once the web UI is shown, login into the system.

Step 3 : Select the Quick setup wizard option in the left side of the admin screen and click on the Next button to continue. The start screen shows the router name for two different bandwidths and its connection status.

Step 4 : Select your region under the Choose Region tab of Quick Setup Wizard. Proceed by clicking the Next button.

Step 5 : Now your Extender RE200 will start scanning all the nearby wireless networks around. As TP Link RE200 is a dual-band Range Extender, it will scan and configure Wi-Fi 2.4G first, then scan and configure Wi-Fi 5G.

Step 6 : Now you can select the particular wireless network you want to extend using TP Link extender device. Click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 7 : Now, enter the correct password for the wireless network you want to extend, and click the 'Next' button to continue.


  • If you select the option as “Copy from Main Router/AP”, your RE200 has the same Wi-Fi name as your main access point or router you want to extend. This way actually sets up a roaming network for your wireless clients. They can easily switch to the wireless network having a better signal strength either from your main Router/AP or your RE200 extender. However, the roaming experience in both kinds of networks is different for wireless clients.
  • If you have selected the "Customize” option, your RE200 will have a different Wi-Fi name from your router. It will be like xxx_EXT(xxx is the Wi-Fi name of your main Router/AP) by default, but this can be changed to whatever you like. This way doesn't work and gives a “roaming network” experience to the wireless clients. Depending upon the signal strength, users have to manually select their Wi-Fi from either main Router/AP or RE200 extender.

Step 8 : Now, you can Wi-Fi 5G the same way as you did for 2.4G.

Remember: If your main Router or access point is a single band (2.4G) Router/AP, you can still able to take benefits of RE200 to extend your wireless network.

Step 9 : Click the 'Finish' button once after reviewing all the settings you have configured.

Step 10 : Once the settings for the setup tp link extender RE200 are completed, the extender will automatically reboot itself to implement all the settings.

Once the reboot process finishes, you have to ensure that the configuration has been into effect or not. When your RE200 successfully connects to your main Router/AP, you can easily browse limitlessly on the Internet.

There are Two Ways to This:

1. Connect your PC to your Range Extender (RE200/RE210) using an Ethernet cable, further checking that your PC is running Internet successfully or not.

2. An easy way to ensure that your range extender has been successfully connected to the main router or not is to check the wireless signal LED light of your Range Extender. If the Internet works fine, the 2.4G and 5G wireless signal LED will be glowing.

Note: If the wireless signal LED is still OFF, this means that you have not configured the settings for RE200 properly. Here, you can repeat all the above-discussed steps to correct the issues with TP Link extender.

Once after successful connections, place this RE200/RE210 device at a secure place where you want to extend the network coverage of your wireless router.

Hope this answer helps you in tp link re200 setup for enjoying the extended wireless network services.

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