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How to Update TP Link Archer C1200 Firmware?

Hello, Please let me know how to Update TP Link Archer c1200 Firmware. I tried many times but unable to update TP Link Archer c1200 Firmware. So can anyone have any idea?

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Update TP Link Archer C1200 Firmware

Here’s the step by step guide to update TP link archer c1200 firmware

  • Type http://tplinkwifi.net in the address bar of web browser after you log into the TP-Link device. The default password and username both are admin.

  • Go to advanced > system tools > firmware upgrade > and then click the browser button to choose the firmware you already took from the folder. The firmware is usually named as XXXX.bin

  • Next you have to do is click on the upgrade button and the device will restart automatically once the update is completed. Kindly wait for 3 minutes.
  • Check if the router’s firmware has been updated
  • Check the hardware version of a TP-LINK Device
  • From the management page, log in to the device and go to Advanced > System tools > Firmware update, the software and hardware both the versions will appear on the screen.

From the Label, you will see the label at the back of the device while you turn it with the characters “Ver: X.Y” (for example: Ver: 1.0) and the figure X is the hardware version of the device. If the string is “Ver: 1.1”, which means that the hardware version is V1.

Backup and restore configuration of TP-LINK to Update TP link archer c1200 firmware

  • First log in to the device and then go to : Advanced > System tools > Backup&Restore
  • Click on the backup button and save the file in the folder. The file name is config.bin
  • After upgrading the firmware, click on the browse on the same page and find the configuration file that has been backed up

  • Lastly click on the restore and wait for a minute to see the configuration being uploaded successfully

Due to the various kinds of router models and totally different ways for updating the device, it is extremely counseled that you simply scan and, above all, perceive the installation steps before you apply the new code, even though you are an influence user. In theory, these steps shouldn’t be a lot of trouble for anyone, as a result of makers try and create them as simple as attainable, even though they don’t perpetually succeed.

Basically, you want to transfer the new code to the router through its administration page and permit it to upgrade. If you put in a replacement version, you'll expect inflated security levels, totally different vulnerability problems to be resolved, improved overall performance and transfer speeds, increased compatibility with different devices, superimposed support for new developed technologies, likewise as many different changes.

If you’re trying to find bound safety measures, bear in mind that it'd be best if you perform the transfer using AN coax cable instead of a wireless connection, which may be interrupted simply. Also, ensure you don’t switch off the router or use its buttons throughout the installation if you want to avoid any malfunctions.

If this code meets your current desires, get the specified version, and apply it to your router unit. We hope it helped you to update TP link archer c1200 firmware.

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