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My netgear router wont turn on?

I am using netgear router n600 with dual band router and it wont turn on, I know its not dead since the power button is on but the blue light on top of the router wont turn on. is it working? but then why can't i find it on my ipod?



If you find that the device is properly plugged in but the router still won't turn on, try to restart it. Unplug end of cable connected to the electrical outlet, wait for 30 seconds and then plug the device back in. Let us see what can be done if your Netgear router won’t turn on or has many problems facing while connecting or working with other devices.

1) Incorrectly Inserted Input/Output Cables
This might be router cable won’t connect properly. Or having troubles with faulty router or modem cables. The router might be giving off a weak signal if the input and output cables are incorrectly inserted. The Ethernet cable, from the modem, should be plugged into the yellow input slot located in the back of the device. Any outgoing cables consisting (as computer, printer, game station) should be plugged into the black output slots. Make sure that they are pushed all the way in for optimal connection.

2) Weak connection can be caused by interference from other devices. Try to keep the router away from microwaves, cordless phones or anything wireless. A lot of these devices operate at the same frequency and keeping them farther apart will reduce unwanted interference.

3) Updating the routers firmware can rid the device of any software glitches that it may have. The fixing of a certain glitch could improve the connection power. Click here download the latest version of firmware.

4) If none of the above solutions fix the connection problem, you should reset the router to its original manufacturing settings. This should fix any functioning problems that the device may be having. Just note, you will need to redo the setup for the username and password.

We hope above method at which your Netgear router won’t turned on has resolved as perfectly.



Please follow the steps below to reset the router.

STEP 1-  Make sure that your wireless router is turned ON.If it doesn't, Press and hold down the "reset" button on the back of your router for 30 seconds.Please use a paper clip to push it for 30 seconds.

STEP 2-  The reset button is inside a very tiny hole on the back of the Netgear router.

STEP 3-  After resetting the device, press the "Power" button to turn it on.

STEP 4-  Make sure the internet modem is connected to the "WAN" or the "Internet" port on the back of the router

If the Netgear Wireless N-Router is still not powering on:-

Then another Way:-

I would recommend you i.e. to update the firmware on the router using the below steps:
Because the device's firmware is most likely damaged. According to Netgear, if the Power/Test LED blinks slowly and continuously, the device's firmware must have experienced problems during an update. If the LED light is blinking and the device is not performing as it should, contact Netgear for additional troubleshooting and possible repair.

Open the router page using the following way:

a. Connect a computer to the router using any one of the 4 available ports.
b. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla and all.
c. Access the router's GUI by typing '' or '' in the address bar.
d. When prompted for Username and Password, please enter 'admin' for the Username and 'password' for Password.

and see here how you can upload the firmware of the router:
A. Open the router page using the steps mentioned above.
B . Under Maintenance, click router Upgrade.
C. Click Browse and locate the upgrade file.
D. Click Upload.
E. Wait for the router to reboot.
F. Click on 'Logout' (at the bottom of the list) from left menu.

I hope this information allows you to Resolve this issue.


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