Why TP-Link Router Gets a Wan IP from the Modem But No Internet Access?

Please let me know that why tp-link router gets a wan ip from the modem but no internet access. I bought this router for some time but now facing some issues when trying to fixing it. Help me.

TP-Link Router Gets a WAN IP from the Modem But no Internet Access:

By connecting the computer directly to the modem and bypassing the TP-Link router, you can ensure that the Internet is working If your TP-Link Router gets a WAN IP from the modem but no internet access.

Problem Description: Even though the router has been issued a valid IP address, there is no internet access after configuration.

Solution 1: Configure the Router's DNS Servers Manually.

Click on DHCP -> DHCP settings, then in the Primary DNS area, type and click Save. Google's public DNS server,, is free and secure.

  1. To complete the setup, reboot the router.
  2. To finish the adjustments, go to System Tools -> Reboot and click the "Reboot" button.

Solution 2: Both the Modem and the TP-Link Router should be Rebooted.

Turn off your modem and TP-Link router and wait one minute.

  1. Remove the coaxial wire and unplug the modem's power cord.
  2. Make that the modem is connected to the Router's WAN port and that the Router is turned on.
  3. Reconnect the modem's power cord, but leave the coaxial line detached.
  4. Reconnect the coaxial cable after 3-5 minutes.
  5. Wait for the modem to reconnect before checking the IP address and service.

Solution 3: Manually Reset and Reconfigure the Router

  1. To reset the router, press and hold the Reset button for more than 10 seconds.
  2. Manually reconfigure the router using Quick Setup.

Why TP-Link Router Gets a Wan IP from the Modem But No Internet Access

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