D-Link Router..can Anyone Give Me Step by Step Instructions On How to Secure One

I was given a vonage d-link router over a year ago.. It works fine & is very useful but off and on random people in the neighborhood tap into it & get internet for free, not that I mind that much.. but when they do I realize that it slows down my browsing! Can you help me out?

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At times, it is important to secure your Dlink routers. When using any router device, it gets some technical problems as suddenly. Need to configure Dlink router, follow the below instructions as described below:-

The simplest method for securing your Dlink router as stated here as:-

Step-1 First of all, open a web browser and then type it’s IP address into a blank address bar field. Dlink router default IP address is Now hit an enter key.

Step-2 Its default username and password of a dlink router is an admin. Keep the password field as blank. Then click OK.

Step-3 Now click on a Dlink router setup on a top of a router screen page. On a left-hand side, click on the wireless settings.

Step-4 Under the Wireless Security Mode just keep drop down menu, select WPA-Personal encryption.

Step-5 Under a WPA Mode drop-down, Under WPA, select the form of WPA you would like to use.

Step-6 Then need to use WPA or WPA2 mode to achieve a balance of strong security and best compatibility. This mode uses WPA for legacy clients while maintaining higher security with stations that are WPA2 capable. Also the strongest cipher that the client supports will be used. If want the best security, use WPA2 Only mode. This mode uses AES(CCMP) cipher and legacy stations are not allowed access with WPA security.

Step-7 Onto the Pre- Shared key, Then type it’s desired Pre- Shared key. Their password is ready to communicate between an encrypted client with its encrypted wireless signal that connects to a router. Your password should be at least for eight alphanumeric characters.

Step-8 At last, click to save all your settings.

We hopefully understand the steps as above mentioned were able to troubleshoot such issues as promptly.

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