How do I Configure NETGEAR Router for GTPL Broadband

Hello everybody!!! Here I want to discuss how do I make it configure Netgear router for GTPL broadband in an easiest way. Just help me to fix such a critical issue. I have no idea how to troubleshoot it? I resolve it and configure but failed to do? Give me a nice suggestion so that it would be helpful for me and can be sought out in my troubled technical condition. I am using now GTPL broadband connection with a Netgear router as wireless and also guide me how to troubleshoot if I am using a wired router device.

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How to Configure Gtpl Router -

Check out these points to configure Netgear router for GTPL broadband -

Before starting the procedure, make sure you have GTPL broadband username and password.

Let’s begin the main process -

1. First of all, confirm that your router is properly connected your PC/laptop through a telephone line.

2. Open the Netgear setup wizard by typing “” in the address bar. After entering the proper IP address hit the Enter key and immediately you are redirected to a web page where you have to enter login credentials.

Username – admin

Password – password

After entering these details, you have to wait for a couple of moment as Netgear router will check the internet connection.

3. After few moments you are prompted to start the setup wizard. Just confirm that you have selected Yes radio button. Then hit Next button.

4. On the next screen, you have to select your country. Again, hit Next button. Now Netgear router will detect your internet connection, so wait for a few moments.

5. Now, you are prompted to next screen where you have to enter GTPL broadband username and password.

The format will be like -

ISP Username - zen12345@zen

Password – Mixture of Letters, numbers and should be case sensitive

Netgear router will save all details and you will see the following screen. 

6.Now, Netgear router setup is complete and you have to note down all details at a safe place.

At last, just click on the “Take me to the internet” and surf hassle-free internet with your Netgear router.

Although above steps are quite easy and you can easily follow them but if any problem arises then immediately contact Netgear.

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  •   August 14, 2022