How do I Hook Up My Wireless Router?

I already have a modem and the cord is plugged into my computer. I am just trying to figure what needs to be plugged into the wireless router and how to hook it up. Thank you!

To hook up a wireless router, just have a look at these outlined points -

  1. Take an ethernet cable and connect its one end to the router’s port that is located on the backside and another end to the modem’s port. After connecting both ends of ethernet cable properly, proceed to next step.
  2. Take another ethernet cable for connecting numbered ports that are available on your router to your operating system. If you are using wireless connection then you can remove this additional ethernet cable when the router setup process gets complete.
  3. Next, you have to connect your router to the power outlet. Once your router finished initializing, LED lights that are located on the front panel will turn into solid green.
  4. Launch an internet browser of your choice and then type your router’s IP address in the address bar. After typing IP address hit Enter.
  5. On the router’s login screen, you have to enter accurate login credentials. If you made any mistake in login credentials then definitely you can access your router’s settings.
  6. After logging into router’s settings, tap on Mac Address Clone on the Setup tab. After this, click on Enabled> Clone my PC’s Mac > Save.
  7. To check the numbers that are available next to Internet IP address, just click on Status tab. If your router is setup correctly then the numbers will be valid, instead of the other hand, if the numbers are like then click on Release IP Address> Renew IP Address. If you are using wireless-G/wireless – B router then tap on DHCP release> DHCP renew.

I hope after applying these steps properly, you will be able to setup your router without any nuisance.

How do I Hook Up My Wireless Router

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