How do I Register My NETGEAR Router

I am trying to register my Netgear router but the error is occurring again and again. And each time different error is displaying, sometimes it says “This router has already been registered” and sometimes “Unable to register” message displays on the screen. I want to register my router to change my WiFi password. Please help me in this context! Any responses are highly appreciated!

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Register Netgear Rrouter -

In order to register your Netgear router, you need to set up a Netgear genie account first and then use that account to set up the Netgear Router. In this article, I will discuss in detail on how to register Netgear router using the Netgear genie apparatus.

  1. First, you need to connect your router to the wi-fi network.
  2. Click the genie icon or the application for Netgear genie on your desktop or taskbar. The genie application will open up and you will see an interface.
  3. From the top, select Router Settings, a router login window displays. In case you are already logged into the router, select the "Wireless Settings" tab from the window and then click on log out tab.
  4. Once you are logged out, select the option for "Remote Access" and login to your remote access account by entering the corresponding email address and password.
  5. Your remote genie will automatically detect whether your router has been registered or not. If you haven't registered a message as a popup will be displayed that you need to register your account.
  6. Click Ok on the message tab to register your router using the remote setup.

You have successfully registered your Netgear router account. Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the Netgear Router registration issue. in case you did not understand any part or feel the need for technical assistance feel free to contact Netgear Router Support.

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  •   August 15, 2022