How do I Remove My Linksys Wireless Router's Password?

Hey, I have a Thomson modem, I'm not sure which one, but I need to remove my Linksys wireless router's password. How do I do this? Also, every time I got to the 192.168.1. wtv thing, it tells me I need to put in a username & password. Which I have. but when I type those in, it doesn't work! How can I fix this?

Remove Linksys Wireless Router Password:

If you want to know more information about your router then check on the web as it may tell you quickly what you need to know. 

In some routers,  generic factory passwords is printed on the bottom of the device. As I'm not familiar with your router but all routers have a reset button through which you can reset your device to factory settings.


  1. Write down all of your addressing information of your computer and ISP's information at some safe place.
  2. For newer Windows machines, you can open a CMD window and run IPCONFIG.EXE /all  to get the required information.
  3. In some routers, you can use CD for the setup procedure but it is not easy.
  4. As a last resort, you can reset and re-setup your router. Through resetting, you can easily change the password after you have access to it again. 

Remove Linksys Wireless Router Password:

It is very easy to remove or reset Linksys router password. For this process, hold the reset button of the Linksys router for a couple of seconds. When you access the Linksys router utility,

just leave the username field empty but type "admin" in the password field. Change the SSID ( or the name of your wireless network ) to something unique so you don't give hackers could not identify your router model.

Also, set the Wireless Security Mode to WPA2 and choose a good, long password for it. After making these changes in security settings, you will see an increment in surfing speed.

How do I Remove My Linksys Wireless Router's Password

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