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How do I Secure My Unsecured Linksys Wireless Router?

How do I secure my Linksys router? Setting up security for your Linksys router can help keep outsiders from taking your bandwidth, directing unlawful action over your network.

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Securing Linksys Wireless Router:

Hello Tim, securing Linksys router will help you to prevent unauthorized users to access your system and resources.

Let’s see how to secure Linksys WiFi router -

Step 1 : First of all, turn on your operating system and wait for a few moments so that operating system can load. Once OS loads, open your favourite web browser and type “” in the browser search bar. Then press Enter key.

By doing this, you are redirected to Linksys router login page where you have to enter login credentials. In the username field, don’t enter anything and in the password field, type “admin”. Now, hit OK and you are redirected to Linksys Setup Page.

Step 2 : On the Linksys Setup page, move to Wireless section and tap on Wireless Security.

Here you will see two security mode options i.e., WEP and WPA. If you are using the latest version of Linksys router then choose WPA.

Step 3 : Next, move to WEP encryption field and set its values as “128 bits 26 hex digits”. Here you will see a Passphrase box, just type a password into this and tap on Generate button. By clicking on Generate, 4 entries, each of 26 digits will get generated.

Copy these digits into a text document because this will be needed to access Linksys Wireless Router.

Step 4 : When your system prompts you to enter WEP key then you have to enter Key 1 (26 digit password).

Step 5 : Now, you have to change the password of Linksys router. For this, go back to your browser and type Linksys router IP address in the address bar. Then hit Enter and navigate to Linksys login page.

After entering into Linksys router setup wizard, tap on the Administration tab and type a unique password in the required field. Note this Linksys WiFi password at the safe location because this will be needed to reconfigure Linksys wireless router.

Step 6 : If you own the latest Linksys router then choose WPA security mode as it provides the best protection against security threats. Then, you have to select “WPA-Personal” & TKIP encryption. Move to Passphrase field and type your choose password properly.

Also, don’t forget to note down on a piece of paper. After making these changes in settings, tap on Save button and saves everything. If you need further help then contact Linksys Router Support.

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How to Secure Linksys Wireless Router-

Setup WPA Security -

To set up WPA security, first of all, log into Linksys router Management System and then tap on Wireless tab. After this, select Wireless Security option. Next, search the Configuration View and tap on the radio button that is next to Manual. From the drop-down choose WPA2 Personal and if this option is absent then select PSK2.

After this, move to Password field and change its value to something unique so that no-one can even guess your password. After applying these changes, save the settings.

Enable Wireless Media Access Control Filter -

After opening Linksys Router Management screen, first, move to Wireless section and then tap on “Wireless Mac Filter”. Now, tap on the radio button that is next to Enabled. Now search the “Prevent PC’s listed below from accessing the wireless network” and click on radio box that is next to it. By doing this, Mac address filter will secure your Linksys router from unauthorized users.

Turn off SSID Broadcasting -

To turn-off SSID broadcasting, first, tap on Wireless section and then search for “SSID Broadcast”. When you find it, click on radio box that is next to “Disabled”. By turning off SSID Broadcast, any other wireless device can’t see your network name.

Apply these techniques to secure your Linksys router. If any technical problem arises then instead of resetting your router to factory defaults, just contact Linksys Router TEAM and sort out all troubles through professional assistance.


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