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How do i secure my unsecured linksys wireless router?

Hello, I have a Linksys Router which was working fine till now but suddenly from last two days, I am not able to access the router settings. I am entering the same ID and password which used to work previously but now it has stopped. What to do, anyone please help!



You can apply these tips to secure your Linksys router -

1.Modify default password – First of all, you have to change the default password. If you are using default password then anyone can access your Linksys router. After logging into Linksys router wizard, you can easily modify settings.

2.Use WPA instead of WEP- Recently, router offers different security features such as WPA, WEP and WPA 2. According to experts, it will be highly beneficial to use WPA or WPA 2 security. You can use WEP security for gaming consoles, TiVo etc.

3.Disable Remote Administration – If you have enabled Remote Administration then anyone can modify your Linksys router security settings. If you have connected to Linksys router wirelessly then it is recommended by experts to disable Remote Administration.

4.Modify SSID name – SSID is the network name of the router. By default, the SSID of the router is set to its own name. For Linksys router, SSID will be “Linksys”. Well, if you are using default SSID then it can prove a major security risk for your router. To change SSID name, open Linksys Router Setup Wizard and then navigate to Setup tab. Next, go to Wireless Section and here you will see SSID field. Just change it from here and also note it down on a paper for future reference.

5.Disable SSID broadcast – Also disable SSID Broadcast feature which that no one can discover your network while searching wireless network. Here just keep one thing in your mind, while disabling SSID Broadcast, you need to enter a unique SSID which no one can guess. To disable SSID Broadcast, first, navigate to Linksys router web-based setup page and then go to Wireless. Here just choose the Disabled option for SSID Broadcast.

After applying settings, you can easily secure your Linksys router. If still having issues then contact Linksys Router Technical Support Number. In case, you forgot Linksys Password then you can easily get help for Linksys Password Recovery from experts.



How to secure Linksys router -

Securing your Linksys router prevents a third party from gaining unauthorized access to your system. This will prevent identity theft and a hacker accessing your computer while your Internet connection is open. Securing Linksys wireless router is easy and will be greatly beneficial in the long run.

Step 1 -Turn on your computer and open your Web browser.

Step 2- Type '' in the browser search bar and then press the enter key.

Now a pop-up box will emerge and you need to enter username and password for login to Linksys router. Type 'admin' in the password field and leave the username space clear. Next, click 'OK'.

Step 3 - Now go to Linksys set-up page and choose 'Wireless' on the displayed tabs. After this, tap on 'Wireless Security'.

Now choose WPA as security method as WPA is more secure but it is also incompatible with the older versions of the router.  If you are latest Linksys wireless router, then choose WPA security mode. Choose 'WPA-Personal' and select 'TKIP' encryption. Enter your chosen passphrase and '3600 seconds' for key renewal.

Step 4 - In WEP Encryption, you need to choose 128 bits 26 hex digits. After this, input a password in the Passphrase box and click on 'generate'. Now four entries will generate with 26 digits each. Now you have to copy all these bits of information into a text document because they are required to access the Linksys router.

Step 5 - When the computer prompts you to enter the WEP key, just enter the first key’s (KEY 1) 26-digit password.

Step 6 - Now open the web browser and repeat step 2. This time, you need to change the password, formerly 'admin' or 'Admin'. For this, first, click on the 'Administration' tab and then type Linksys Admin Password in the given field and save. This is the password you will use to reconfigure your Linksys router.

Step 7 - Write down your password for future reference and then save changes.

I hope now you will understand how to secure Linksys Router.

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