How do I Setup My Linksys RE3000w Range Extender

Hello everyone, I have a Linksys router for last 2months but I'm unable to access the services of router in certain areas of my workstation. I want to configure a range extender with my Linksys router So can anyone suggest me any idea how I setup my Linksys re3000w range extender

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Linksys re3000w Setup:

Linksys re3000w range extender has several incredible features.

These features include the speed of N300 MBPS. Moreover, it increases the range of wireless router that is maximum upto 5,000 sq ft. Plus, it is compatible with any kind of wireless router. Furthermore, the installation process is very easy and allows optimum placement.

Here are some of the steps that one has to follow to fix my Linksys Re3000w range extender.
  • Link the power cable.
  • Connect the range extender and locate it in a place that is between the Wi-Fi and router.
  • When the light of the range extender turns green and becomes solid, then link it to the wireless network.

How to  Setup Linksys Re3000w Range Extender:

Here are some of the steps that you are required to follow to configure Linksys Re3000w Range Extender:

  • Keep the range extender in an area that comes in the range of the Wi-Fi of your router.
  • Now, link the extender to a wall outlet and wait for the light to become solid green.
  • Use your Tab, Smartphone, or computer system and link it to the name of the wireless network.
  • In order to install Linksys Re3000w range extender, you must ensure that you are receiving good Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Launch the internet browser on your Smartphone or computer system. You can also go to the web-based router page by entering as the IP address.
  • As the extender appears on the screen. Go to start and click on it, in case you are using a PC.
  • Move to the screen of License agreement and go to I agree.
  • Now, look at the Wi-Fi networks that are available. Choose the SSID or wireless network name.
  • Now, enter the password in the wireless password section. Now, click on the Next button for connecting to the network.

This will help you know how to fix Linksys Re3000w range extender.Above-two mentioned processes are the best to solve the  issue of how to install Linksys Re3000w range extender. We hope that the above-mentioned processes work out for you.

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