How to Access Linksys Smart WiFi Through a Web Browser

Hello, Please let me know that how to access Linksys smart wifi through a web browser. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.
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There are different ways you can access Linksys smart Wi-Fi. One of the ways is by a web browser. Once you are done with the setup process of your new Linksys smart Wi-Fi router, you are free to access the internet connection and link your router anywhere to any device.

To set up the link see router via a web browser, you will need a device like a computer or a laptop, an Internet connection, a Linksys smart Wi-Fi router, a web browser, and a Linksys cloud account.

You can also have remote access to your Linksys router. Just have to go through the Wi-Fi home page, configure the settings section, and make all the required changes.

Access Linksys Smart WiFi Through a Web Browser:

A Linksys Smart WiFi router comes with a free service called Linksys Smart WiFi. After you've set up the Linksys smart WiFi router, you can use the Linksys cloud account to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection and link your router to it.

Important Note: Make sure the router's software is up to date to prevent any issues using Linksys cloud accounts to access the router. Any of the following methods can be used to Access Linksys Smart WiFi:

Note: Web browsers on Windows®, Mac®, and iPad® can connect to your Linksys Smart WiFi.

Local Access:

To learn how to reach your router locally, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch a web browser.

Step 2: Type "myrouter.local" in the Address bar and press [Enter] to set your router's default IP address to ""

Quick Tips: Check your Linksys router's IP address if the IP address does not function or has been modified. Suppose you try to reach your router and get a bad gateway error.

Step 3: Click Log in after entering your Router Password. Admin is the default password. If you've changed your password, use it instead.

Alternatively, you can use your Linksys cloud account to log in. Go to the bottom of the page and click the link.

Enter your Email Address and Password on the Linksys Smart WiFi Sign In page, then press login.

If you make many failed login attempts, your account will be temporarily suspended. You can use the password reset function if you forget your password.

The home page for Linksys Smart WiFi will now display. All is now accessible and configurable via the Smart WiFi Tools and Router Settings.

Note: On some Linksys Smart WiFi Routers, the Device List appears as the Network Map Tool. In Linksys Smart WiFi Routers with older firmware versions, the External Storage is shown as USB Storage.

Remote Access:

Remotely managing your Linksys Smart WiFi helps you to specify or change your router settings securely from anywhere at any time. Follow the steps below to know-how:

Step 1: In a web browser, type "" into the Address bar and press [Enter]. Before you do something, make sure you're connected to the internet through WiFi.

Step 2: In the fields given, type your email address and password, then press login.

Quick Tip: If you make many failed login attempts, your account will be temporarily suspended. You can use the password reset function if you forget your password.

The Linksys Smart WiFi home page will now display. You can now access and change the settings on your router.

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