How To Change Band Steering Option Of Velop Router

Please let me know that how to change band steering option of Velop router. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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The wireless connection of devices to the internet, and band is assigned to provide you the network is called band steering . By minimizing co-channel interference it enables a better flow of the network.

But you can change Band Steering Option of Velop Router then you have to simply follow some of the steps like launch you internet browser and go to the set-up page of your Velop Router, then read the Instructions option and then finally select the Wi-Fi settings and then use the Linksys Velop App and login by using login credentials then change the name of your network and make changes to the settings and now set up the Linksys app and save the changes.

How to Change Bandwidth in Linksys Velop?

Below are the steps that you need to perform in order to change the bandwidth in Linksys Velop. 

Step 1: Launch your internet browser and then go to the setup page of your Velop router.

Step 2: Read the "Instruction" option.

Step 3: Select Instruction and then finally select Wi-Fi settings.

How to Use the Linksys Velop App?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use the Linksys Velop app.

Step 1: Search for the Linksys app on your tab or smartphone. 

Step 2: Launch it and then click on "Login". 

Step 3: Now, you will be asked to enter the login ID and password related to your Linksys cloud account. 

Step 4: Click on login. Select the name that you gave to your wireless network. 

Step 5: Launch Relative Setting that is given immediately after "Band steering". 

Step 6: After that, you can make the changes as per your needs. 

Step 7: Now, you will see the Linksys setup from the Linksys app or webpage. 

Step 8: Once you are done making the changes, select Save to execute the changes made. 

How can I Make Changes to Advanced Wireless Setting?

It is important for you to understand that your Wi-Fi network depends on a band steering option. In case you've chosen all band steering option, then you can make changes to the security type as the other option of settings will be in "Auto" mode. You can disable or enable broadcast SSID together with the changing Wi-Fi radio setting. 

In case you have selected 5 GHz band steering, then it will allow you to make changes to the wireless settings as per your requirement. You can either turn off 2.4 GHz radio or broadcast SSID. This will provide you with two bandwidths of 5 GHz.

You can change broadcast SSID, radio options, and security type using this mode. The rest of the options will remain on Auto mode. In case you have selected the off option, then you can change the individual wireless settings of all of the bands. 

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