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How to configure linksys wireless router?

Currently I have purchased linksys wireless router but I have not more knowledge about this. So Please help me step by step.
Thanks in advance…



You should follow these steps to configure Linksys Wireless Router-
1. Click the Wireless tab. When you first open the configuration utility you will be taken to the Basic Setup page. You can leave all of these settings at their defaults unless specified otherwise by your ISP. When you click the Wireless tab you will be taken to the "Basic Wireless Settings" section.

2. Give your network a name. In the Basic Wireless Settings section, there will be a field labeled "Wireless Network Name (SSID)". This is the name of your network which will appear in the list of available networks for your wireless devices. Make sure you don't give out any personal information as anyone can see this name.

3. Enable broadcast. Ensure that the "Enable" option is selected for "Wireless SSID Broadcast". This essentially turns on your wireless network and allows it to be discovered. Once you are done click the "Save Settings" button.

4. Secure your network. Click the "Wireless Security" section to open up your wireless security options. Here you will be able to set the security encryption type and password.
-> Security Mode
-> Passphrase

5. Click "Save Settings" when you are finished. Your router will apply the changes and restart. If your wireless network is not activated then get in touch with Linksys Wireless Router Help.

If you seek to obtain Linksys Router Factory Settings Help for free then contact Linksys Wireless Router Setup Helpline Number.



Step 1: Open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer Netscape Firefox) and go to the web address: of Linksys Wireless Router.You will be asked to enter both a username and password. By default, the username and password are both "admin". While logging into Linksys Wireless router, if you face any error then contact Linksys Wireless Router Setup Helpline Number.

Step 2: Click the link labeled "Wireless".The heading of "Wireless" will be highlighted and just below it will be a purple line with additional links.

Step 3: Click the "Wireless Security" link.Below the "Wireless Security" link you will see an option for Security Mode. By default, it is set as "Disabled".

Step 4: Click the drop-down menu for a list of options; we recommend that you use WEP.Now more fields will appear below the "Security Mode" field. You will be asked for a "Default Transmit Key". Leave this set to "1" for convenience but if you would like to select another key you may.In the next field labeled as "Passphrase" type in a password for the router to use.

Step 5: Click "Generate" and keys will be created in the fields below the "Passphrase" field.Select one of the keys to write it down and save it. This is the key that will allow a computer to access your wireless router.After writing down the key.

Step 6: Click "Save Settings". This will enable wireless security on Linksys router. If you are using a wireless connection at this time your connection will drop.You will now need to configure your wireless computer to connect to your Linksys router. While configuring Linksys router, if you troubled somewhere then obtain Linksys Router Factory Settings Help for free by calling on Linksys Wireless Router Setup Helpline Number.

For instructions go to your computer manufacturer's website or contact  Linksys Wireless Router Helpdesk Number.

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