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How to Configure the Voice Service on Huawei HG8245Q2?

How to configure the voice service on Huawei HG8245Q2?

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Huawei hg8245q2 Default Password | Voice Network Connection is Abnormal

The voice services come pre-configured on Huwaei hg8245q, all you need to do is switch it on from the Internet interface of your router. I will discuss the steps involved in the voice network connection process below.

Step 1: Open Your web browser and Enter into the URL address field. you will be redirected to the login page for your Huawei router.

Step 2: On the login page, you need to enter the admin username and Password to get access to the main settings page. enter the credentials as provided by your ISP or use the following default ones.

  • Default username is: !!Huawei
  • Default password is: @HuaweiHgw

Step 3: Once on the main settings page, click on the Internet tab from the top menu, and then click on Internet Settings from the left-hand side panel.

Step 4: You will notice a brand broad profile as per your service provider, click on Edit from the bottom.

Step 5: Under the Service Type, click on the Voice option and then save the settings.

Step 6: From the top menu, click Internet then Forwarding. Click on the arrow next to 'ALG' to expand the menu Make sure 'Enable SIP ALG' is un-ticked

Step 7: From the top menu Click 'Telephony' then 'VoIP'.

Step 8: Click on '+ New VOIP provider' and enter the following detail.

  • Provider Name: 
  • Primary Registrar: 
  • Port: 5060
  • SIP domain:
  • Local Port: 5060
  • Use outbound: un-ticked
  • User secondary server: un-ticked
  • Save the settings

Step 9: Once the above settings have been configured, configure your dial plan as per your service provider and you have successfully configured the voice service status abnormal.

To get a better idea of the voice service status abnormal Huawei, you should definitely check out this article. 

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